How to Improve Your Written English

Improve your written English

English is referred as the global language. It has become the language of almost all international communications. Any book related to medical, science or any subject or topic is published in English for a global reach. It’s enough to tell you about the importance of English.

How to improve written English’ is one of the most asked questions. Most of us find English difficult to understand and there is nothing wrong with it. Adopting another language is not an easy task. But if you are not trying to improve it then it’s not correct.

Because of the globalization, the importance of English in competitive exams has also increased. If you score good marks in maths in any competitive exam but could not score well in English, then you will not be selected.

So English is also an important ingredient of the recipe for success. That’s why it’s compulsory for you to improve your English, not only for any competitive exam but for a good career too.

Here we have a few tips to improve your English writing skills. I am sure that these tips will help you to have impressive English writing skills and sound knowledge of this global language. So, here you go.

Read English

Reading is a common advice that you will usually get when you want to improve your English. Whether you are preparing for any competitive exam or not, reading can be the best habit for you. Reading habit enhances your vocabulary.

While reading any English book highlight the words which you could not pronounce or you don’t know their meaning and check to google their meanings. This will help you to make your vocabulary rich and give you a clear pronunciation. If you don’t have good knowledge of tenses but you read a lot then you can easily recognize the wrong sentences.

I urge you to read more to have a good grip over English. This is the best tip anyone can give you to improve your English.

Identify your weak areas

When you work to improve your writing skills, then you must learn to identify your weak areas as well. Many people face the issue of spelling errors. It happens because our thinking speed is faster than the writing speed of our hands and thus we make mistakes. If it happens with you than recheck what you have written after completion of a paragraph.

Another reason for spelling mistakes can be the learning of wrong spellings.  If you make more mistakes in remembering the long spelling then try to break the spelling in your mind and learn it in small parts. You can apply the same strategy while writing lengthy spellings as well.

Strong Grammar

Grammar is like the soul for any language. You can be by default strong in the grammar of your native language but to have a good grip on the grammar of a foreign language is a bit difficult. Here I must admit that English grammar is easier in comparison to Hindi.

To how to improve written english skills you need to understand the English grammar. Tense is the most important part of English grammar. But punctuations are important too. You should use strong action words to have effective writing skills in English.

New day, new word

A good vocabulary is the sign of a good grip over language. To make your vocabulary rich you should learn a new word daily. Yes, it’s an old trick but we have a new twist in this trick. When you learn a new word, learn its synonyms as well and try to make new sentences with the new word and its synonyms.

If you will just write the new word along with its meaning in your workbook without practicing it then how it will help you to improve your English writing skills? So, when you learn something new, do practice it.

Read, Copy and Write

It’s a new trick to improve your English writing skills. Here you need to read a paragraph or a few lines and understand them and then write them without looking at the original one. Both of the work, yours and original must have the same meaning but different sentences.

This trick is a sure shot formula for the improved English writing skills. This trick will also help you out with Comprehension skills preparation.


Practice is the only thing which can sharp your English writing skills. You can write essays or letters or a diary. Once you complete your work, read it again edit it and then read it until it becomes perfect.

When you see or hear someone speaking fluently in English than don’t feel disheartened. Remember there is a big difference in speaking in a language and writing in a language. Writing is a tough task even in your native language so it’s fine to not to be an expert in it for the initial time.

When you need to write in an alien language obviously you will have to put some extra efforts in it.  Here it is important that your efforts should go in the right direction. That’s why we have given you some tips to improve your English writing skills.

I have seen a few students from Bengaluru used to score good marks in English but could not grab good marks in Hindi. For them, Hindi was more difficult than English. So the logic is, a new language is always difficult and we need to put some extra efforts to understand it.

And now you know how to put your efforts to how to improve written englishskills, so don’t wait for anything and start working on it.  You can start it by reading a newspaper or book.

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