Diwali: Not Just a Festival but a Spiritual Experience

Spiritual Signification of Diwali

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We wait for an entire year to celebrate Diwali and when the festival has just rung the bell, we all are more than happy to welcome it. During Diwali, we all feel more energetic, not just because of the happiness of the festival but because of the positivity that the festival brings.

We all know about the mythological stories behind the celebration of Diwali. But you will be surprised to know that on a different part of India Diwali is celebrated with different reasons.

In north India, it is believed that on this day Shri Ram came back to Ayodhya after the exile of 14 years. In Bengal, Diwali is celebrated as the symbol of victory of Goddess Kali and in South India, this festival celebrated as the celebration of the victory of Lord Krishna on the demon named Narakasur.

Here we have so many stories behind the celebration of the Diwali festival. I personally believe that Diwali is the festival that works like a thread to keep Indians united.

We usually think that Diwali is just a festival and we are to perform some religious tradition on this day but if we think deeply then we will find that this festival has lots of interesting and spiritual significance.

Further, in this article, we will talk about that spiritual significance associated with Diwali.

Spiritual Signification of Diwali

The word Diwali or Deepawali conjugates two separate words – ‘Deep’ and ‘avail’. ‘Deep’ means lamp and ‘avali’ means row. We celebrate this festival on a no moon night but that night looks brighter than any other night.

It applies the same to us. We all live in a world of ignorance. We want to know each and everything about others’ life but don’t want to know our own desires. In absence of true knowledge, our hearts are as dark as the no moon night. To light that up we need to bring the light of knowledge to us. We all will have to open our mind and consider all human being same without the stamp of caste and religion. Might be this knowledge will brighten up the way of Shri Ram (the supreme power) so he could enter in our heart.

We all do some extra effort to clean up our houses before Diwali. Let’s co-relate it and do a cleanup of your heart. Throw all the bad memories that you stored in it and make yourself prepare for the new memories that you will create in future.

The early morning of Diwali is considered good for meditation. It is so because during the festival we all and our surrounding become positive. When you get up before sunrise on the Diwali morning, you can easily keep yourself focused. Meditation at that time brings more result with less effort.

The Bottom Line

We need to feel that when some festival arrives then not only us but nature also celebrate it. Diwali is celebrated on Krishna Paksha and the next day it brings the Shkul Paksha. In the same way, the supreme power wants us to celebrate the dark phase of life to welcome the brighter phase.

We wish that this Diwali you will welcome positivity and throw out the negativity. On this positive note, we wish you all a very Happy Diwali.

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