Career as Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant as career

Career as a virtual assistant comes with freedom of work from home. Virtual assistants are in demand, and companies too love to hire professionals who can handle their work remotely. At present time, more people want to grab online jobs or work from home. If you love the freedom to work from home, then you can choose a career as a virtual assistant. Wondering What VAs do and opportunities in virtual assistant careers? Scroll down the page to know more about this career option.

Career As Virtual Assistant

COVID 19 has introduced many new terms to the world like sanitizers, Isolation, quarantine, new normal and many more, and ‘WFH’ (Work from Home) is among the most favorite term of pandemic time. The companies asked their people to work from their dens, but now it has become a habit, and professionals don’t want to come out from their comfy shorts. Those who are looking for a job want to pick one that offers the WFH facility. The career as a virtual assistant has this plus point, along with many others. Let’s understand what does a virtual assistant does? Who hires VAs? what are the skills required for this job? And what is a virtual assistant?

What is a Virtual Assistant?

As the name shows, a virtual assistant helps companies and organizations in different works remotely. The virtual assistant professionals handle the administrative work, promotion of the company or other complex creative work from home office set-up. The virtual assistant doesn’t come to the office but can access a few documents related to their work. A VA can make the calls on the company’s behalf, access its email account or plan calendars.

A virtual assistant has good experience in his field. Most of the companies trust an experienced and skilled VA. As work from home has become a common practice, so more professionals are coming to the field of virtual assistance. Companies hire VAs for complex work like bookkeeping, blogging, social media, digital promotions, recruitments to make appointments and arrange business tours. Considering the rising popularity of WFH, the demand for virtual assistants is expected to grow. A virtual assistant works as an extra hand to handle other works like writing emails or making reports.

Who Hires Virtual Assistants?

Well, who doesn’t hire virtual assistants? All the business, big and middle organizations have so much work that they are to hire huge human resources to get the job done. For the sitting and other arrangements, the companies have to spend a lot. The virtual assistant is like a boon to them. All the work assigned to a VA is done within the given timeline, and the infra cost gets saved too. So, all kind of companies prefers the concept of virtual assistants. 

It’s a new concept in the country and rapidly getting popular. Like many other new things, it was also picked by the start-ups first, and then it gets popular in small and mid-segment companies. The big companies have also started to pick the virtual assistant’s option to get their work done. Having VAs reduces the stress of work, and as the Virtual assistance are experienced and skilled professionals, so the outcome is good. Hiring virtual assistants is also a cost-effective option for companies. VAs offer them the best services at a minimal price.

What are the Jobs available for Virtual Assistants?

Virtual assistance covers a wide area of work in offices. All small, mid, or large organizations have huge work to complete. Most of the work they have can be operated remotely, like making reports or bookkeeping. Let’s know about other jobs that are available for virtual assistants;

· Digital Marketing

Marketing plays an important role in the rise of any company or brand. It is one the most expensive departments of the companies. The internet has introduced the word ‘Digital Marketing. The Digital marketing executive has to do the marketing on the different digital platforms. Almost 90% of companies hire VAs to complete this task. You must be thinking that why hiring a VA for such an easy task. But Digital marketing is a complex thing, and hiring an experienced professional for this work is much costlier than hiring a VA.

·  Admin

Thinking about a company without an admin executive is next to impossible. But the concept of Virtual assistants has made it possible too. Instead of hiring a big team of administrative staff, the companies prefer to give the admin job to a virtual assistant. The VA handles the basic expenses of petty cash, book the tickets, assist in traveling plans, maintain attendance, and take care of other admin-related work. As the assistant has to handle the work from his office, he has to have access to most of the work documents.

·  Customer Care Services

To process to contact the customer care executive has changed a lot in the last few years. Earlier, people used to be on hold for minutes to talk to the CCE, but now he prefers to shot an email. So the companies can hire virtual assistance for this work also. The VA in Customer Care Services will handle the work from his office through mail or phone.

·  Social Media Virtual Assistant

Social media rules the world, and it has become obvious for all big and small companies to have an active account of different social medial platforms. To start a social media campaign and check its progress, the companies can hire social media virtual assistants. It is one of the most demanding jobs in the VA category. The Social Media VAs help the client to stay active and creative on social media and sort out any issue on these platforms with professional ethics.  

· E-commerce VAs

E-Commerce is one of the busiest businesses at present. When it comes to Virtual Assistances, E-commerce companies have a lot of work to give. The e-commerce companies have to maintain the inventories, maintain the record of received and returned orders, solve the basic queries on emails, write the small product description or any others. The endless list of side work available in the e-commerce industry gets a break at VA’s den. The VAs are professionals who can handle all E-Commerce websites’ work, from listing to the products to updating the warehouse. As the work is huge in the industry, you may hire more than one person to get the job done.

Required Skills to be a Virtual Assistant

To be a virtual assistant and to offer your services to the company, you must know about the skills required for this post. Here we are not discussing the professional skills but the personality traits. Here have a look at a few qualities that you must possess to be a VA;

  • Good Listener
  • Team Player
  • Self Motivated
  • Adhere to Timeline
  • Patience
  • Trustworthy
  • Organized

The Bottom Line

So if you have experienced in any of the described professions and have the above-given personality traits, then you must try for the virtual assistant’s job. Its in trends and demand and skilled professionals get all the preference in this job. Career as a virtual assistant has scope, earnings and good opportunities.

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