Best 7 Foreign Banks in India for a Rewarding Career

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Interested in getting jobs in foreign banks in India but don’t know its procedure? Don’t worry; we are here to guide you. The Indian economy is one of the fastest-growing economies globally, so the Indian market is an ideal place for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). A high value of FDI and a growing economy support the financial institutes and help them grow. Hence, the banking sector is growing rapidly in India.

The country has a well-spread web of public and regional rural banks. Many private and foreign banks also offer their services to the people and help grow the country’s economy. In recent years it has been observed that banking job has become a preferred one in the youngsters and the reason is; the banking sector offers a good package with the bearable workload. If your dream is to clear the SBI or IBPS exam to get a job in the banking sector, you should also check about the jobs in foreign banks.

Foreign banks offer the best remuneration in the sector with many other facilities. These banks have offices in different countries, so you always have an opportunity to interact with people from other countries and learn something from them.

India has 46 foreign banks functioning in the country. We have picked up the 7 best foreign banks regarding jobs, salary and work culture. First, we will discuss the best foreign banks in India then we will know the recruitment process in the bank. Let’s know about them and then choose a career path for jobs in banks.

Best 7 Foreign Banks in India for a Rewarding Career

Foreign banks have had their presence in India since the 1860s. Foreign entities in the banking sector offer two-fold benefits to the Government of India. First, they boost the international money transitions in the country, and second, they offer employment to the qualified individuals of the country. Bringing the ease of business, offering loans to local people and implementing the international procedure in banking are some other benefits of having foreign banks in the country. Here, look at the best foreign banks in India in terms of career and jobs. If you want to have your career in the banking sector, then any one of the banks can be the best option for you;

1. Citi Bank

Citibank doesn’t need any formal introduction. The bank has spent over a century in India, and it is counted as one of the best banks in the foreign bank category. The multinational bank has its roots in New York, where it was established in 1812. It came to India in 1902 to offer investment and banking services to the country’s people. After spending such a long time in the country, the bank has increased its customers. The bank has a base of more than 25 lakh customers, and it also offers jobs to more than 7,500 qualified professionals. The bank offers the best salary in the industry, and it hires MBA pass-outs from IIMs and A-class business schools.

2. HSBC India

Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) offers various services to its customers like personal banking, retail banking, debit cards, credit cards, loan and many others. The bank has more than 24 branches in the country. In India, the bank’s head office is in Mumbai, and all the metro cities have the corporate offices of HSBC. HSBC is the bank that brought the first ATM in India in 1987. The bank has become a brand in India. Its customer services are the best in the industry. HSBC released the vacancies through its website, job portals and reputed consultants. It offers a handsome salary to its employees along with many other benefits.

3. DBS Bank

Development Bank of Singapore is one of the best banks in the world. The bank reached almost all the countries with a positive economy. It has a strong presence in the Indian banking sector. India’s headquarter of the bank is in Mumbai, the commercial capital of India. DBS has its branches in 22 cities of the country, and it’s rapidly expanding its customer base in India. DBS Bank offers complete finance management of its customers, including persona banking, retail banking, debit and credit card and many others. The bank has most of the vacant posts in the sales and marketing department as it is increasing its reach in India. DBS is also one of the best banks in India that offer the job to the MBA pass outs in campus selection.

4. Deutsche Bank

Deutsche bank had its first office in Frankfurt, Germany, in 1980. Its a leading global financial service provider. Deutsche Bank or DB is already a leader in its segment, and now the bank is growing its presence in Asia and North America. In India, the bank has its headquarters in Mumbai and branches in 22 cities. The bank has a customer base of approx 5 lakh customers. DB has more than 11,000 people on board in its Indian setup.

5. Best Foreign Bank In India: Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered is the largest foreign bank in India. It has it’s a strong presence in India since 1858. The bank has more than 100 branches in the country, and it offers complete wealth management to its customers, from debit cards to credit cards and personal banking to retail banking. The bank’s headquarter is in London, England, and it’s listed in all the big stock exchange markets like London Stock Exchange, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and India’s stock exchange. In India, the bank has its branches in 42 cities.

6. Barclays Bank

Barclays bank is an emerging foreign bank in India. IT’s a UK-based bank with a strong presence in the UK. The bank has 23,000 employees that ensure a smooth banking experience for its customers. The bank has 7 branches in India, but considering the Indian economy, it must have plans to open more branches. Like all other banks on the list, this one also has India’s headquarter in Mumbai. The bank offers commercial loans, personal banking, credit card and treasury services as the Barclays bank is reaching more cities, so it has vacancies in all the departments. Further in the article, we will also discuss the process of applying for jobs in foreign banks in India.

7.  Bank of America

Bank of America is another foreign bank in India that has gained a good reputation and become a perfect employer for highly qualified individuals. The bank has India’s headquarter in the country’s commercial capital, Mumbai. Established in 1964, the bank operates in India from its four branches. The bank has been supporting money transitions between India and America since it was complicated. In the past 50 years, the bank has created its customer base and given opportunities to many professionals to start their careers in the banking sector.

How to Get Jobs in Foreign Banks in India

The banking sector has unlimited opportunities in both public and private banks. Young aspirants know about the exams to get entry into public banks, but recruitment in private banks, especially in foreign banks in India, is different.

Most of the jobs in foreign banks in India are in the sales and marketing sectors. So the banks hire MBA graduates from IIM and other Business Schools. Apart from the business development, the foreign banks also need people to handle their IT department, HR Admin and other supporting functions.

The banks announce the vacancies on their career page to recruit suitable professionals. The best way to apply for jobs in foreign banks in India is to send your resume through their career page. The option of applying for the vacant posts in the bank through LinkedIn and other job portals is also available.

The Last Word

Foreign banks see India as a huge market, and considering the country’s gig economy, they can have a huge customer base in the future. As the banks’ business grows, the banks will need more professionals. So if you are passionate about banking jobs, you must try to get one in foreign banks in India.

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