7 Promising Career Options After Masters in English

career after MA english

Career after MA English seems like a difficult question to answer. Once MA English used to be a respected degree, but now students feel that their education is toiled in vain. MA English introduces thou to some of the best English writers in the world. It also helps students to be word jugglers. In las a few years the PG course in English has earned a bad reputation as non-job oriented courses. So many students think of what to study after MA English? The PG course is a complete course and is you will make a right move, you can get a job easily.

 People feel teaching is the only career after MA English. Many students think of the other courses after MA English to get a job. Despite earning a master’s degree in one of the best languages, the students don’t get the confidence to have a stable career. 

In the last few decades, the reputation of MA English has gone down. People have started to give more importance to technology and management related jobs, but it doesn’t mean that MA is not a suitable degree for a job. Career after MA English doesn’t need any push. The students of English understand the dramas of Shakespeare and feel the depth of Rabindranath Tagore’s Gitanjali. They can be the best wordsmith if they get the chance. The students can get ample opportunities after MA English. Like many other career options, the lack of information is the main culprit behind MA English’s bad reputation. If you love to read the classic dramas, poems, and proses of some of the best writers but don’t want to enroll in the course due to fewer career options, scroll down the page. We will discuss the 7 promising careers after a master’s in English. 

7 Promising Career Options After Masters in English 

How can an English language expert survive in a market where the demand for professionals with management or technical degree is high? English has become a common language, and most people know it, so how will an MA English degree make a difference? Is good earning possible after MA English? Yes, it can. You can get a stable career with a well-paid job after a master’s in English. Let’s know about some of the promising career options after MA English. 

Content Developer

The Internet has overruled the world of information. For every small thing or information, we look at the search engines. Gone are when we used to take suggestions from our friends before buying anything or planning a trip. Now the search engines have become our mentors and partner in crime. As soon as you write something on the search engine, many results appear on the webpage in just a few seconds. Content developers develop all the content you read online on different websites. English has become a common language, so most of the websites have content in this language. It can be one of the best option to have a career after MA English. The only eligibility to be a content developer is to have a strong grip on English. The knowledge of the language is the only weapon that will help you to conquer the Internet.


Suppose you choose MA English after your UG because of your interest in literature. If you know the art of expressing yourself to others through words, you must start your blog. Blogging is similar to content writing, but you are to get expertise in SEO and Keyword stuff. Before starting a blog, you must know about the most searched keywords and place them in your article. People love to read the information or experience of others on the Internet. You can write on many topics on your blogging website and earn from online ads. Initially, you will have to invest your money and time to this work, but once your blog comes to the notice of people and footfall will increase, you will start earning a good amount.

Public Relations Manager

You can be a public relations manager without doing any additional courses after MA English. Your good command of English will help you to be hired on the PR Manager’s profile. As a PR manager, you will have to write press releases, write emails to the clients, and communicate with them. The competition is high in different job sectors, and all the companies want to have a 100% retaining ratio. The PR managers can help them to achieve this impossible number. Many MNCs also called PR a fundraising manager. The Personal Relations Manager’s work is to broadcast the company’s specialties and make sure that all the important customers will get information about them. Its one of the most demanding and decent jobs after MA English and it also offers a handsome remuneration.  

Teacher or Lecturer

A common career choice after MA English is a teacher. Teaching a language to the kids and the grown-up students is not easy. In India, where people speak different languages, teaching a foreign language is difficult than your assumption. As a kid, most of the grown-ups wanted to be a teacher. The effect of a good teacher stays on the mind of a kid for life. Teaching is a profession that has a huge responsibility. Earlier, the teachers’ salaries are below, but now qualified teachers get good compensation in the private and public sectors. To be an English teacher, you will have to enroll in a B.Ed course after MA English and then pass the teacher’s eligibility exam. Private schools give preference to the teachers that have cleared TET and have a good command of English. You must have some basic skills like patience, listening ability to be a good English teacher.


Globalization has brought a revolution in the job markets. It has taken many old jobs but created more such as an interpreter. To apply for the translator’s career, you will have to do a language course after MA English. If you have done some international or regionals language learning course before your PG, that will also be beneficial for you. If you want to be an interpreter, you must be proficient in any other language apart from English, like Chinese, Japanese, or others. After completing your PG degree in English, you can be an interpreter in a private job or GOI’s ministry of external affairs. 

Newspaper Editor 

 An editor carries a huge responsibility on his shoulder to provide the right and authentic news to its readers. To be an editor, you must be having a strong grip on language and a sense of using the right word in the right place. You must have an interest in editing and flair in writing. The editing team of newspapers and magazines needs talented people from time to time. It’s not tough to get a job as an editor, and if you have a passion for editing work, you can get it. 


Copywriters are one of the most in-demand professionals. To be a copywriter, you must have a creative mind with a MA English degree. As an English language student, you already have a good command of this language, and now you will have to use your creative skills to make it attractive and suitable for promotions. You can write catchy slogans, easy to learn jingles, or content that inspire the reader for shopping, donation or click on the link. 

The Bottom Line 

 If you are confused about what to study after MA English, then now you know that your PG degree is sufficient enough to land you a job. We have described the most promising career options after MA English, and as a part of the, many other job opportunities are waiting for you. So make the first move and upload your resume on the online job portal. You will get a good response from the recruiters. To get a job after MA English, all you need to do is, approach the right employer. 

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