Why You Must Learn A New Language?


In today’s world having a language barrier is a crippling blow as you are not able to communicate with many people when you don’t know their language, or when you both don’t have a common language to talk. This may seem as a minor issue but think about the amount of miscommunications or issues it may cause if you continue the professional or personal relationship. Learning a new language is crucial for students as many students aspire to study abroad and knowing their language will open a lot of doors for them. But you may think that there are no strong reasons for learning a new language, so here I give a few reasons to do so

  • Expanding your knowledgeBrain like any part of your body needs exercise and learning a language is a perfect exercise as it forces your brain to absorb new language, its accent and its phrases. This not only keeps your mind sharp but helps you absorb other kinds of knowledge faster. Many research have proved that such exercise help prevent brain memory deterioration, improves attention span etc.
  • A world of Job opportunitiesLanguage is a barrier many people need to cross in order to communicate better and if you learn a new language then a world of job opportunities will open up for you. Having a second language especially a foreign one will set you apart from other applicants during an interview and if you are planning to go abroad then it’s great to have another language in your arsenal to impress your co-workers as well as your superiors.
  • Learning a new cultureLanguage is an important part of any culture; it not only defines their accent but also gives them a unique flair of their own. So when you learn a new language then you learn a part of their culture thereby giving you a unique perspective as well as experience.
  • Confident boosterHaving a new language in your arsenal is great as it increases your confidence because it adds to your unique traits that make you special.
  • Meeting new peopleTalking to people in their native language makes the communication more special and valuable thereby allowing you to meet new people and expand your friend circle.

So waste no more time, learn a new language, communicate better, and expand your circle of communication.

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