Why startup is a great place to kick start your career?


According to Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s speech at Startup Event held on 27th September 2015, “Start-Ups have always been the engine of progress. The mega-corporations of today were Starts Up of yesterday”.

As a graduate from college, you have a lot of expectation and ambition. Some being getting a well-paying job in a reputable organisation. And your dream finally comes true. You get a job offer from a reputable organisation and terms, and the condition is good.

On the other hand, you get another offer from a start-up company which is a year old. Your desire is to work for a corporate because the pay is good, infrastructure is good, and it also comes with some added benefits. The start-up company is not so good, but you like what they offer.

Which Company Would You Choose?
Well, here are some reasons why start-up is a great place to start.

1. Opportunities for Growth. Working for a startup comes with a different reward.

The incentive is, learning new skills. Experience gained will out way your pay.

The paycheck may be small, but the chances of handling more responsibilities are high.

The best way to motivate a good employee is not solely by salary but the opportunity to learn.

2. You handle different thing. At start-up companies, you will be able to try different hats. Some tasks may be what you never dreamed of doing, but you end up performing the task.

As you continue working, you will feel comfortable working in many different fields.

3. You will learn from Innovators. According to the Indian Prime Minister’s speech on startups, “It isn’t just big names, but small firms that are fashioning every day with new ways to enhance human life, with the joy of creators and artists.”
Entrepreneurs are the best teachers.

4. Your hard work will be recognised. In established companies noticing your good work done is negligible.

In a start-up it is impossible not to see your job whether good or bad.

Excellent work done will always receive a thumbs up. This will keep you focused

5. You will have great values. Most start up instil hard work, creativity, ownership and sustainability to their employees.

When you create your own company, you begin to appreciate and value it.

There is personal ownership.

Most startup instils the value of ownership to employees.

This will teach you how to protecting innovation.

6. You will work in the best environment. A startup is a great place to work. The company works close together, and innovative solutions to age old problems are adapted.

New tools that simplify lives. Your contribution is highly valued and considered. You can be an Innovator.

7. You make most from limited resources. Money can be tight in start-ups. The company is always thinking of ways to do more with less.

You will find the means to manage a tight budget with limited resources.

Such situations make you creative for instance, if you have a meeting of five people, and you have four books, the fifth person can use a piece of paper.

Limited resource brings in creativity.

Working at a startup in India is fun and can also be terrifying. Employees who thrive in a start-up company see it as a great way to kick start their career.

So, pitch with start-up companies and grow.

All the best!

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