Weekly Current Affairs Quiz 20th to 26th May 2019

weekly current affairs quiz

National Affairs

Q.1         In Lok Sabha election 2019, how many seats has NDA won?

Q.2         After the Assembly and Lok Sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh who will be sworn in as the new Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on May 30?

Q.3         Which Indian State became the first one to tap into masala bond market?

Q.4         To which country India has recently delivered Mi-24 attack helicopters?

Q.5         What is India’s rank in the 2019 Kids’ Right Index?

International Affairs

Q.6         With which country India has Conduct SIMBEX-19 Naval Exercise in the South China Sea?

Q.7         When the world has implemented the new measurements units?

Q.8         What is the name of countries that have been announced Malaria-Free from the WHO?

Q.9       Who has been conferred with the 2019 UN’s highest peacekeeping award?

Q.10       Which international organization has decided to provide $750 million loans to India for railway track electrification project?

Banking and Business Affairs

Q.11       SBI has tied up with which FMCG company?

Q.12       What is the new product Corporation Bank has launched for GST-registered MSMEs?

Q.13       After beating the Indian Oil Corporation, which company has become the country’s biggest company by revenue?

Q.14        Google announced the suspension of its services with which China based technology giant?

Q.15       HDFC Group Overtakes which Indian group as India’s Most Valuable?

New Appointees and Resignees

Q.16       British PM has announced her resignation from her post. When will she step down formally from it?

Q.17       Who has been appointed as Pakistan’s High Commissioner to India? 

Q.18       Who has been re-elected as the President of South Africa?


Q.19       How many medals did India win at India Open International tournament?  

Q.20       When the Cricket World cup will start and where is it being organized?


Ans.1     NDA has won 352 seats in Lok Sabha Election 2019 with a vote share of nearly 50 percent.

Ans.2     YS Jaganmohan Reddy as the leader of winning party, YSR will be sworn in Chief Minister on May 30.

Ans.3     Kerala has become the first Indian state to tap into the masala bond. The Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board’s (KIIFB) has been listed on the London Stock Exchange with a special market.

Ans.4     India delivered the first pair of Mi-24 attack helicopters to Afghanistan Air Force.

Ans.5     India stands at 117th position out of 181 countries in the KidsRight Index.

Ans.6     India and  Singapore conduct SIMBEX-19 naval exercise in the South China Sea.

Ans.7     On May 20 — World Meteorology Day over 100 countries have adopted the new metric system of measurements.

Ans.8     Algeria and Argentina have been officially recognized by WHO as malaria-free countries.

Ans.9     Chancy Chitete from Malawi has been conferred with the 2019 UN’s highest peacekeeping award.           

Ans. 10 Multilateral funding agency Asian Development Bank (ADB)  has signed an agreement to provide $750 million equivalent in Indian rupee long-term financing to electrify railway tracks in India.

Ans.11  The State Bank of India (SBI) has announced a strategic partnership with the FMCG arm of The Art of Living — Sri Sri Tattva.

Ans.12   Corporation Bank has launched ‘Corp SME Suvidha’, a product for GST-registered MSMEs.

Ans.13  Reliance Industries has become the country’s biggest company by revenue. This company beats Indian Oil Corporation to get this position.   

Ans. 14 Google announced the suspension of its Android services to Chinese tech giant Huawei but as of now, this suspension is on hold for 90 days.

Ans.15  The HDFC group has overtaken the Tata group, a 151-year-old group to emerge as India’s most valuable by way of market capitalization.

Ans. 16 The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has announced her resignation from the PM post of UK on  May 24, 2019, and She is stepping down as Conservative Party leader on June 7, 2019.

Ans.17  Career diplomat Moin-ul-Haq has been appointed as Pakistan’s new High Commissioner to India.

Ans.18  Cyril Ramaphosa, the head of the African National Congress, has been officially elected President of South Africa by Parliament.

Ans.19  India bags a total of 57 medals including 12 Gold, 18 Silver and 27 Bronze at India Open International Boxing tournament in Guwahati.

Ans.20   The 12th edition of the Cricket World Cup will start from 30th May 2019 and it is being hosted by England and Wales. 

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