Weekly Current Affairs Quiz: 15th to 21st April 2019

weekly current affairs quiz

Here are the questions based on the important events of the week from 15th April to 21st  April 2019.

Indian Affairs

Q.1         India has joined the hands with Japan and UAE to implement two projects in Africa. What are those projects?

Q.2         On how many politicians the Election Commission has imposed a ban from election campaigning for Lok Sabha Election 2019?

Q.3         According to Havard T.H. Chan School of Public health, Zinc deficiency is rising in India. What are the edible items that offer high zinc to a human?

Q.4         Madras High Court has recently banned a popular app. What is the name of the app and why the order was issued to ban it?

Q.5         What is the name of CJI, who faced the allegation on Sexual harassment?

Q.6         External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj asked Indians to leave which country immediately? 

International Affairs

Q.7         Which historical church has got on fire this week?

 Q.8        Where the wiki leaks founder Julian Assange got arrested?

Q.9         When the World’s Heritage Day is observed every year?

Banking Affairs

Q.10       What facility IDBI Bank will offer to its NRI customers?

Q.11       How many accounts have been opened under Jan Dhan Scheme and how much money is deposited in these accounts?

New Appointees

Q.12       Who won Ukraine presidential election 2019?

Q.15       Who is the new chief people officer of PwC?

Q.16       Who is appointed as the Chief Country officer of India of Deutsche Bank?


Q.17       Recently Tiger woods won the masters’ title in golf. Total how many times he has achieved this honor?

Q.18       What color of medal did Anu Rani won in Asian Athletics Championship?


Ans.1     India will build a cancer hospital in Kenya with the help of Japan and with the help of UAE India will set up a communication technology center in Ethiopia.

Ans.2     EC has curbed following politicians for campaigning for their respective parties in Parliamentary election for 2019; On Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Samajwadi Party’s leader Azam Kahn a ban of 72-hour prohibition for violation of Model Code of Conduct. A ban of 48 hours from the election campaigning has been imposed on BSP leader Mayawati and BJP leader and Minister Maneka Gandhi. 

Ans.3     Edible like Meat, Seeds, Nuts, Dairy Items, Eggs, and Whole Grains are among the items that are high in zinc.

Ans.4     Madras High Court has given the order to ban Tik Tok in India. As per the court, this app has pornographic content and its parent company is unable to implement ant restriction on it. 

Ans.5     Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi is facing the allegation of sexual harassment. The CJI has already said that these allegations and nothing but a conspiracy against him.

Ans.6      Indian is asked to leave Tripoli, the capital of Libya immediately as due to violence the situation of Law and Order in the city and the country is really bad.  

Ans.7     Notre-Dame de Paris, a medieval Catholic cathedral got on fire on 15th – 16th April 2019.

Ans.8     WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was arrested by British police on Thursday 18 April 2019 after they were invited into the Embassy of Ecuador. He was arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, where the WikiLeaks founder has been claiming asylum since 2012.

Ans.9     World’s Heritage day is celebrated on 18 April every year to preserve the human heritage. This day is celebrated to recognize the efforts of all the relevant organizations in the field of preservation of the world’s heritage. This day was announced to be celebrated as Heritage Day by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) in 1982 and was approved by the General Assembly of UNESCO in 1983.

Ans.10  IDBI bank launched a paperless facility for its NRI users. Now the NRI customers can get one account open for them in this bank without showing any physical documents as well as KYC proofs. They will have to upload the scanned copy of their document.

Ans.11  The total number of Jan Dhan accounts have crossed 35.39 crores. The deposits stood at Rs 96,107.35 crore on March 27 and Rs 95,382.14 crore in the week before. 

Ans.12  Volodymyr Zelenskiy, an actor and comedian has won a landslide victory in Ukraine presidential election.

Ans.13  Padmaja Alaganandan in new people chief officer in PwC.

Ans. 14 Senior US Treasury official David Malpass has been chosen as the new President of the World Bank. He has been worked as an economic advisor to Donald Trump.

Ans.15  The HRD ministry issued a statement about appointing Professor Najma Akhtar as vice–chancellor of Jamia Millia Islam about Professor Najma Akhtar as vice–chancellor of Jamia Millia Islamia University (JMI) by the President of India for a period of 5 years.

Ans.16  Kaushik Shaparia is appointed as the Chief Country Officer of India by the Deutsche Bank (China).

Ans.17  in 2019, Tiger Woods won the Masters’ title for the 15th time.  This time Tiger took approx 11 years to win this title.

Ans.18   Anu Rani won a silver medal in women’s Javelin throw. China’s player got the gold medal in this game event.

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