Sporting Excellence Lead To Plum government jobs


Sports is any activity which involves physical exertion or mental alertness. It involves minimum two individuals to compete against each other. It not only improves physical fitness but also teaches many other aspects. Games and sports lead to the harmonious development of an individual. This development can be classified as physical, mental, emotional and social development. In India cricket is the most popular sports, but there are other sports as well which are being played and players are bringing laurels to the country at international level. Badminton, chess, squash, wrestling, boxing, volleyball, softball, billiards, archery, shooting, table tennis, cycling, gymnastics, Kabaddi etc. Apart from a decent career in sports, there are provisions for getting government jobs based on sports quota.

Many of us may not excel at academics and are interest might lie in something else. Sportsperson decide at a very young age to have a career in a particular sport. They have interest in it. Generally, they start their training at the school level. They go on to play and compete in their particular sport at the inter-school level, then at the district level. Winning at the district level gives them to perform at the state level and gradually at the national level. If they supersede everyone at the national level they represent India at a global level in tournaments like Asian Games, Commonwealth, Olympics etc. In India the governing body that regulates sports and games is the Ministry of Youth Affairs directed by the National Sports Federation.

Many a time you decide to end your career in sports and you decide to settle for a working job. Here belong to the sports background is a great advantage to you. There is special provision called the sports quota for such people in Central and State government jobs such as in Banks, Railways, Army, Navy and Airforce, Police etc. These have a set number of vacancies for candidates coming from a sport background. Those who have certificates for their sports graduation issued by a competent authority shall be eligible for applying under sports quota. Basically, the candidates who played at the district, state, national or international events like World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Olympics etc. are only selected. The pay and post of the candidate is decided on the basis of his grade.  A person with a Grade A in his sports shall get a salary between 15,600 and 39,100+ along with grade pay. A person with a Grade of B in his sports will get a salary between 9,300 and 34,800 + along with grade pay. A candidate with a Grade of C in his sports will get a salary between 5,200 and 20,200 + along with grade pay.

Most of these jobs have a minimum academic qualification which is the intermediate pass certificate with a minimum of 55% marks. After getting selected for the job, they have to go through a training session before joining. Notification for such jobs can be found in employment newspapers as well as online notification sites for government jobs.


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