Preparing English for SBI Clerk 2019

Prepare English for SBI Clerk 2019

SBI Clerk 2019 exam will be conducted according to the new exam pattern. As per this new SBI exam pattern, there will not be any cut off for the SBI Clerk Mains exam. The final result of SBI Clerk 2019 exam will be announced on the basis of merit list.  And every section in SBI Clerk 2019 exam will be allotted 20 minutes to solve it. In these 20 minutes, you cannot attempt any other section of the exam.

Importance of English section has increased by the decision of 20 minutes allocation to each section. Now the candidates have to change the mindset of spending more time on QA and Reasoning. Many candidates believe that English Language section is a difficult one because there is no limited syllabus is declared for the English Language by the SBI officials.

In this article, we shall discuss the right approach for the SBI Clerk English preparation 2019.

How to Prepare English for SBI Clerk 2019 Exam

Now, when you have a time limit of 20 minutes to attempt English section in SBI Clerk 2019 exam, it becomes your responsibility to utilize the most of it. There is no much difference between the syllabus of SBI Clerk 2019 Prelims and Mains Examination but still, there is a huge difference in terms of numbers of questions.

For SBI Clerk English preparation 2019 you need to first look at the nature of the questions. The English language section of SBI Clerk Exam 2019 will have following 4 sections;

  1. Reading Comprehension
  2. Verbal Ability
  3. Grammar
  4. Vocabulary

To find the right solution of how to prepare English for SBI Clerk 2019 exam, we will concentrate on below given ways to score good marks in each section.

Reading Comprehension

Reading Comprehension is comparatively an easier section of English Language to score marks in SBI clerk exam.  In this section, no short cut will help you. In the section of Reading Comprehension, you will get a passage based on any moral or banking, economy related story. You will need to read the passage carefully and answer the asked questions. The asked question will be based on the passage and vocabulary of passage.  Following tips will help you to score well in Reading Comprehension;

  • To get expertise in this section you will have to practice to read faster.
  • We recommend you to practice to solve a reading comprehension daily.
  • Daily practice will help you get a faster speed of reading and observing minor details of the given paragraph.
  • Strictly stick to what is given in the passage and do not assume anything else even if it is right in the current situation.

Verbal Ability

In verbal ability part, the questions like sentence re-arrangement and paragraph jumble are asked. In this section of English language approx 6 questions are asked. These paragraph jumbles are generally based either on passage or on predefined sentence.  While solving the question of this section you will have to aim at the right flow of the paragraph. You need to give a right beginning and perfect ending to the paragraph. Your main focus should be on arranging the logical sentences. This part of the English Language is not a tough one and you can score good marks here with help of daily practice.

Following tips will help you in English preparation for SBI Clerk 2019 exam for verbal ability section.

  • Keep revising the basic grammar rules while arranging the sentences.
  • Focus on the rule of exceptionalcases as of English grammar.
  • Vocabulary can be enhanced with help daily English newspaper reading and watching English movies. So stay connected with this foreign language.


The strong knowledge of Basic English grammar is a must for this section. Almost all the questions asked in this section belong to the syllabus of class 10 English Grammar. In this section questions related to Error Spotting, Cloze Test and Fill in the blank (Double) will be asked.

Following tips for SBI Clerk English Preparation, 2019 will help you to fetch good marks in this section of the exam.

  • Brush up following topics on English Grammar; parts of speech, voice change, narration, tense, singular-plural, subject-verb agreement, degrees of comparison, articles, preposition, conjunction, etc.
  • In error, spotting part read the whole sentence and you can easily spot the error. If you face difficulty in error spotting then apply verb-subject agreement on the sentence.
  • Still, if you couldn’t find the error in the sentence than read the sentence in smaller portions to identify the error.
  • In the cloze test, one paragraph will be given to the candidates with a few blanks. To complete the paragraph you need to fill the appropriate words in it.
  • Fill in the blanks part will have 2 blanks and 2 answers for each blank.  You need to choose the best and most appropriate answer.
  • For SBI Clerk 2019 English preparation you need to develop the English reading habit.


In this section of English Language, you will face Para jumbles, antonyms and synonyms, and paragraph based fill in the blanks. Following tips will help you in this section of SBI Clerk 2019 exam.

  • Read as many antonyms and synonyms as you can.
  • Vocabulary section is really vast and you cannot complete this ever. Only reading habit can help you to score well in this section.
  • Read blogs, editorial section of newspapers as here you will find some different and new English words.

Winding Up

As the English Language section is present in both Prelims and Mains exam of SBI Clerk so you cannot ignore this one. One short cut for the English preparation for SBI Clerk 2019 exam is developing an English reading habit.

Here in this post, we have compiled the answer of how to prepare English for SBI Clerk 2019 exam. Use the given tips to improve your command over English and fetch good marks in this section of SBI Clerk Exam.

If you have any other query, you can place your question in the comment box below.

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