Know Your Alumni – People Who Cleared IAS in First Attempt


The Civil Service Preliminary Examination (CSE) which is conducted by the Union Public Service Examination (UPSE) is known to be the toughest stage in the whole press of an IAS’s selection. A huge crowd of almost 9.5 lakh candidates appears for the examination for CSE, but only about 15000 are able to pass and appear for the second stage (mains) with such a high cut off rate only a few are able to clear it on their first attempt but still only the ones who are determined and embrace the right strategy are only able to clear it on their first attempt. So, here’s a list of candidates who were able to knock it off in their first attempt

Arunraj is an IIT Kanpur alumni, who had anthropology as his optional, Arunraj cleared the CSE 2014 examination in his first attempt and achieved 34 ranks. In an interview Arunraj told that he just prepared for 2 years; in his final year he only prepared through all the NCERT from 6th to 12th and for English, he studied the Hindu. According to Arunraj while preparing for CSE you should go through a wide range of topics as diverse as history, economics, geography, sociology, philosophy, anthropology, etc.

Eesha Priya considered her mantra for secret, the combination of planning, focus, and hard work. Eesha Priya was able to achieve 75th rank in her first attempt in CSE 2015. Eesha Priya’s tip for the candidates who are going to appear for CSE is to dedicate themselves towards the examination, and maintain self-confidence, she also advised the future aspirants to read The Hindu regularly for English and current affairs, and she believes that dedicated hard work surely rewards.

Recently Mirant Parikh cleared the CSE 2017 on his first attempt scoring a rank of 67. At an age of 24, Mirant Parikh was able to achieve a lifetime of success. Mirant had political science as optional, Mirant left his job as program buyer at Ford motor company to appear for the exam, he dedicated himself, and studied for just one year, and was able to crack the test. We can surely say by knowing Mirant’s dedication, that anything is possible if you are focused and put the right efforts.

Artika Shukla, a doctor by profession, resigned from her course of M.D. to appear for the CSE 2015. She started her preparations from Dec 2014, she says “at the beginning, I was as clueless as a newborn”. But with the correct motivation and right strategy she prepared for the exam and after a year on her first attempt she was able to attain rank 4 in the CSE 2015.

Neha Jain, from Kanpur, appeared for the IAS 2013. She worked at IBM India Pvt. Ltd. For almost 4 years, not matching the skills for the job, her friends suggested her MBA, but to achieve something more in her life rather than just money; she started to prepare for CSE. After a year at CSE 2013, she was able to attain rank 12 on her first attempt.

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