Jobs For Hindi Graduates in Indian Government Departments


In today’s world Hindi is the second most spoken language after Chinese. About 900 million people on this Earth understand Hindi while 500 million people all over the world including India speak Hindi. Despite being such a popular and being the official language of India, Hindi is not given its due importance. With the increasing western influence, English has started to become the most spoken language in India leaving its official language Hindi in the back bench.

Hindi graduates and post graduates are not given the jobs suitable for their education due the fact that they have graduated or post graduated in Hindi rather than English. Though these Hindi graduates and post graduates may not get high-paying jobs in private sector but the Government has a lot to offer them.

Importance of Hindi in Indian Government
The Central government’s official documents, courts etc. are in English but the State government uses Hindi language for official documents in many states that include Bihar, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Delhi, and Chhattisgarh. Another co-official language is used with Hindi as every state has its own locally used language, for example in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Urdu is added as the second language.

Jobs in Private Sectors
Jobs for Hindi graduates in Private sector are much selected and they can get a job only as professors, translators, teachers etc. The private sector has tons of opportunities for English graduates, and a few options for Hindi graduates. Hindi BPOs could be an option for Hindi graduates, if they want to work in private sector.

Jobs in Government
The Indian Government offers great job opportunities to Hindi graduates in its various branches and departments. These jobs provide great amount of security that lasts until old age, where your pension will be based on you designation. The various jobs available with each Branch are:
Banks: With being a Hindi graduate, you also need to have a under graduate degree in finance or accounting, this will increase the chances of you achieving a good post in the bank.

Various Public sector banks like United Bank of India, Corporation Bank, UCO Bank, Allahabad Bank, Punjab National Bank, South Indian Bank, Andhra Bank, and State Bank of India etc. have openings every year. You should prepare for the qualification exam, the score of which will decide your designation. A Government bank job comes with many advantages, like allotted home, health insurance, job security, and other benefits.

Post Office: Indian Post office offers a wide range of jobs that are given based on the competitive exam conducted by the post office. The positions available in the post office are sorting assistants, postman, clerks, multi-tasking staff and mail guard. From 10th pass to post graduate, all can write these exams based on their education level.

Police and Defence: In the state police department and the national defence department there are various jobs available that don’t make participation in a combat a must. So you can have a safe and secure job in the Indian Police and Defence (Army, Navy, Protective, Cost Gaurd and Air force) department without fear of your life. If you have the zeal to serve the nation you can apply for combat jobs.

Public Service Commission (PSC): Ever year competitive exams are conducted for the PSC, for each state differently. From Assistant Director to government school teacher and from clerk to sub inspector various job are available that are meant to serve the public.

Transportation: Various transportation jobs from Ticket Collector at a railway station to a bus conductor, this department has a large number of vacancies. But beware to apply in Hindi speaking states or the state you reside in.

Judicial: Anything in the judicial system from court clerk to judge is available. But for a Hindi graduate the more likely job is of a transcription writer in the court.

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC): This department includes civil services, defence services etc. The department and designation you will be assigned to will be decided by UPSC competitive exams. The competition is tough to clear, but not impossible.

There are many jobs available for Hindi Graduates but they should be willing to write the respective competitive exams that are quite tough and an under graduate degree will increase their chances to get a better position.

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