Best careers for Physical and Life Science Majors in India


Physical Science: This is the study of non-living natural objects that include subjects like chemistry, Earth science, physics, astronomy and many more.

Life Science: This is the study of living organisms that include subjects like zoology, botany, biology, microbiology, biochemistry, physiology and much more.

The course that combines both these subjects is called Physical and Life Science course. Physical and Life Sciences courses familiarize students with fundamental methods, concepts and theories of analysis used in the physical and life sciences by concentrating on big questions, both modern and lasting. By demonstrating the relationship between theory, experiment, observation, application and deduction the courses introduce the students to the scientific method.

Job opportunities
Many feel that doing such majors will not yield may job opportunities so they should opt for Engineering and medical degrees, especially in India. But they couldn’t be more wrong, the demand for candidates with such degrees has grown exponentially. Here I give you some of the job opportunities that Physical and Life Science majors can get

– Botanist: Botany is basically the study and research of plants. Botanist need to have a life science, botany or degree. If you love or are fascinated with nature and its plants this is the perfect job for you. Botanist’s mainly works in labs where they experiment with various plant species and strive to achieve a scientific breakthrough or achieve new medical discoveries. Skills like acute observation to detail, patience and good communication are very essential for a botanist to have. Discoveries will not be made in a day so it is important to apply the trial and error method in Botany. The salary of Botanist is quite good but the working hour’s maybe a bit long.

– Geoscientist: Those who are inclined more towards the Physical Sciences can choose this as their career. Depending on your academic choices you can choose geology or geophysics that will become your speciality when you become a geoscientist. Geoscientist study about earth, its surface (including components), the impact of outside forces like gravity, electricity etc. on the chemical and physical makeup of the earth and many more such subjects. With the increasing environmental issues and land demand geoscientist have become essential, so your salary will also be quite high.

– Forensic Science Technician: Being familiar with both Physical and Life Sciences this will be quite the suited job for you. It involves analysis of the materials found (living or non-living) and writing the meaning of those findings. It is a job that requires attention minute details, patients, good memory power, knowledge of the legal system, knowledge of how to handle evidence and quick thinking. With the increasing crime rate the demand for Forensic Science Technician has also increased. The salary is quite good but the working hours are a bit frantic as the work hours may be increase if there are more cases.

These are just a few job opportunities available to Physical and Life Science majors, there are many more. Candidates with this major are quite in demand.

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