Best Digital Tools For Researchers: Launch And Grow Your Research Work


Writing a research paper can be stressful. Fortunately, today the modern technology has made it pretty much easier. By using the right tools, your research is made easy and saves your time.

Digital technology is evolving in our everyday life, and innovations are continually growing. The use of digital tools has opened a world of possibilities and opportunities for researchers. Being without it, is impossible.

The rapid proliferation of digital tools has also turned up a lot of new technological approaches like research designs, online surveys, literature reviews, scientific research and social research

Here are 7 best digital tools to help you launch and grow your research work.

1. Research Professionals
Research Professional provides up to date research news from around the world. It alerts you on funding opportunities. It is best for research policy and funding opportunities. Services from the site are available through subscription.

2. Profology
Profology is a free social network for high education faculty, staff, and administrators. It works brings the best social experience to education professionals. Academic experts share tips and tricks on management, teaching and research work without students bumping into their conversation.

3. Citavi.
Citavi is a reference management, e- learning and task planning solution. Citavi makes complex software to be user-friendly and intuitive as possible.

4. Insilico DB
Are you a biologist? Insilico DB is the best suit for you. It puts genomes into the hands of biologists who will improve our health and lifestyle. Biologist gets access to analysis tools, sequences, genome repositories, and collaboration.

5. Kudos
Kudos is a web- based service provider that help researchers and their institutions to maximise visibility and impact of their published articles, Kudos assist in increasing citations to your publications.

The site is for institutions and funders. It enhances the impact on research and writing performance. All you need is to explain your publication and share it through email and social media.

Kudos will enable you to track the effect of your publication against a wide range of metrics, citations, and alt-metrics. You can log in to the website for more information.

6. Grammarly
At the end of your research work you will need to proofread and edit your work. Grammarly is an online spell and grammar checker that makes work easier for you. It is not reliable but, it does catch more grammar and spelling errors than the average built Microsoft word, checker.

Basic Grammarly version is free, but if you want to check for plagiarism, you will need a premium account at a fee from $29.95 a month.

7. Zotero
Do want a relevant content in the website you visit at a click of a mouse?
Zotero is a free downloadable tool that helps you collect research materials online and offsite. It cites sources in more popular citation styles, organise what you have and shares with others. You can sync it across PC’s. The tool works with Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. Ms Word and Libre Office plugins are available. Zotero tool is best for anyone who does research.

You can choose to do your research the hard way or you can make it easy by using any of these 7 digital tools.

Research will need the hard work like always, but the above tools can be make few things easy for you. So, why wait, check out the research tools to find the one that meets your needs. All the best in your research work!

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