India’s first articulated industrial robot “BRABO” unveiled


India’s first articulated industrial robot “BRABO” has been unveiled by Tata Motors’ wholly owned subsidiary, TAL Manufacturing Solutions. Bravo Robot or BRABO is country’s first conceptualized, designed and manufactured articulated industrial robot that has been specially developed for nation’s micro, small & medium enterprises.

The articulated industrial robot has been developed by TAL with an aim to recurrently perform time-consuming, high volume, and dangerous tasks that range from raw material handling to finished-product packaging. The main purpose of developing BRABO is to complement human work force.

TAL designed and manufactured Bravo Robot at its Pune-based factory. Most of the parts of robots were indigenously manufactured in the country, only the drives and motors for the Robo-arm were not manufactured in India.

Four patents have been registered on the name of BRABO and an intellectual property (IP) certification has also been applied by TAL Manufacturing for the robot.

What are articulated robots?

Articulated robots are the robots that are fitted with the help of rotary joints. These robots can have any number of rotary joints depending the functionality. The Rotary joints will help robots in precise movements and thus help increase the robot capabilities.
BRABO: Key Features

  1. The articulated robot is easy to install, program, use and maintain.
  2. It needs one time calibration, manual calibration is not needed during maintenance.
  3. The robot comes with a low-cost power transmission system.
  4. It will work on single-phase power supply, which is suitable for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises).
  5. It comes with an inbuilt programmable logic controller and its virtual simulation is also available.
  6. The robots spare parts will be easily available at a reasonable price.
  7. Cat2Motion, an additional software, is available that inputs 3D drawing and converts them into BRABO program.

Industrial robots are very helpful, as they help improve quality, reduce cost, improve workplace safety, health, and increase production. Considering the significance of global industrial robotics market a research firm has said that the global industrial robotics market is expected to touch $79.58 billion by the end of year 2022, which is growing at a compounded annual growth rate of 11.92% between years 2016 and 2022.



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