How to Recover Deleted Files On Your Computer?

Recover Deleted Files

You accidently deleted a file (Photos, videos, documents , etc.) and later you realized that you need it.  It’s common and happens to most of us.

what to do now?

You still have a chance. Deleting a file is not something that takes your data away for forever in all the cases, you can get back your important data with ease.  There are many ways to recover your deleted files you just need to know how.

Here in this article, we will tell you different ways to recover deleted files on your computer.

Follow these simple steps which will guide you in recovering deleted files from your Laptop or Desktop.

How to Recover your deleted files from the recycle bin?

When You delete a picture or a particular file, it automatically goes to recycle bin. So you can easily retrieve your data from the recycle bin.

  • Right click on the recycle bin on your Desktop or laptop.
  • You will be able to view all your deleted files in the recycle bin.
  • Right click on the files that you want to recover and select restore. The file will get saved at its previous location.
  • You can also select the file that you want to restore, right click on it and select cut.
  • Now choose a particular folder where you want to keep your file and paste it there. You don’t need to apply this process again and again if you want to recover more than one file . you can select it all together or select what you want back, cut and paste wherever you want to.
  • Also you can simply drag and drop your selected file out of the recycle bin.

How to Recovery Deleted Files From a Backup?

Follow the steps to

  • Go to start menu and type control panel over there.
  • Click on it and go to ‘System and Maintenance’.
  • Further , click on backup and choose to ‘Restore my files’ .
  • Click next and Follow the instructions to restore lost files. This will retrieve deleted files back to their location.

If you have previously set up windows backup , your file will be restored successfully.

How to Recover Deleted Files From an Empty Recycle Bin?

What if your recycle bin is empty and you don’t have a backup . you want your deleted file right now. Well, you don’t need   to worry at all , as there are other options available too.

You can proceed ahead with a professional way to recover deleted files .

  • Download the free and high quality recycle bin recovery software from a trusted source in order to recover lost data .
  • They are easily available and ready to use.
  • Below is a list of recovery programs which you can explore . choose the best which suits you
    •  Recuva
    • Disk drill
    • Undelete plus
    • Restoration
    • Stellar data recovery
  • Before you install these programs, please read their privacy policy and other conditions. Do your research before choosing any of the recovery programs.

Wrap Up  

If you have accidently deleted a file, it’s not the end of the world.  go through one of these steps, which fits your needs . we believe that you have learned the essential recovery methods to recover permanently deleted files . so next time when you delete a file , you don’t need to quit or worry about anything . as mentioned earlier, even if you are a beginnner , you can easily recover deleted data on your laptop or Desktop. sometimes you might expect  critical data loss conditions because of virus and malware attacks .  therefore, one important thing to keep in mind is that , use antivirus or programs that protect your system from such critical conditions.

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