How to Prepare General Awareness for IBPS Exam


General Awareness (GA) plays a key role in scoring well in almost all competitive exams Including IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) Exam. General awareness comprises of current international and national news, economy and finance, social, geographical, and cultural aspects of the world and the country.

If you are seeking a job in banks, then you should have an idea about current political and banking news and a sound knowledge of current international and national level events.
General Awareness can help you score better in bank recruitment exams, if it is prepared well. GA questions are not time consuming and can help you save time for the sections that demand time. If you know the answers to such questions you can do them, as they do not need you to use any formula. If you are thorough in your preparation you can attempt this section in just 10 minutes and then move to the rest sections. So, to crack IBPS Exam easily, you need to prepare GA part properly and try remembering most.

IBPS Exam’s general knowledge section contains various topics such as questions related to banking awareness, current affairs and common general knowledge.

Here are few topics listed, which you need to should consider and pay special attention, to score good in IBPS Exam:

  • Last 6 months current affairs
  • Current news related to banking Industry
  • History of banking
  • Banking terms
  • Types of Banking
  • Banking in India
  • Information about Indian Economy and International Economy
  • Finance industry news
  • Fiscal Monetary Policy of RBI (Reserve Bank of India)
  • RBI Functions
  • Marketing
  • Awards & Honours in Sports
  • Countries / currencies
  • Famous Books & Their Authors

Preparing general awareness cannot be done in a day, it needs hard work and strong preparation. Preparing it may take months, so make up your mind if you are planning a career in banking, especially through IBPS Exam. Reading daily newspapers can prove to be a great help in preparing GA, as it will keep you updated about all of the current worldwide events.

There are no short cuts to crack IBPS Exam, so be ready to devote your quality time for this. You must go through model papers, previous IBPS Exam papers to understand the exam pattern. You should also read magazines like IBPS Chronicle, Pratiyogita darpan, Competition Success Review, Competition Master, Success Mirror, and Samanya Gyan Darpan for enhancing your general awareness.

You may also join a coaching institute, take help from e-books, and join online test series to boost your preparation to a next level. But, before moving ahead, you need to have a proper plan regarding your preparation and the bank positions you will target.

Remember that GA requires dedicated and regular effort, but once prepared correctly, it will help you gain an edge in the exam. A strong preparation will ensure your success in the IBPS Exam. All you need to do is to keep an eye on the latest happenings in the economy, budget, stock, etc. General awareness questions can be orally solved, which helps in saving a lot of time. So, you are requested to give special attention to them.

The exam will be fruitful and best will come out if the preparation is done with intelligence and determination.

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