How to Prepare General Awareness [General Knowledge] for IBPS Exam

General Knowledge For IBPS Exam

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General Awareness (GA) or General Knowledge (GK) is a critical component of almost all competitive exams, including the IBPS (Institute of Banking Personnel Selection) Exam. Current international and national news, the economy and finance, social, geographical, and cultural aspects of the world and the country are all part of general awareness.

With each passing year, the competition for banking jobs becomes more intense. Getting chosen is no easy task. If you want to work in a bank, you must put in the effort. Begin honing your general knowledge. Improve your understanding of current events, political and banking news, and current international and national events.

In this article, we will discuss some important tips and tricks for improving general knowledge and performing well in the IBPS exam.

General Awareness in Banking Exams

General Awareness is part of  bank recruitment exams, and is considered a scoring section. GA questions are not time consuming if you know the correct answer. Every section now has a time limit, so the more you answer within the time limit, the higher your score. Because GA questions do not require any calculation or logical skills, they can be answered quickly.

IBPS exam is a gateway to public sector banks. Like all other banking exams GA is a part of this exam too. IBPS Exam’s general knowledge section includes questions related to banking awareness, current affairs and common general knowledge.

Tips To Prepare General Awareness For IBPS Exam

Work With Previous Year Question Papers

  • Preparing for the IBPS PO General Awareness section necessitates extensive practise with previous year’s questions.
  • This will give you an idea of the types of questions you will be asked in this section. When learning, you can then focus more on that type of knowledge.
  • To improve your score, practise as many prior year questions as possible.
  • In reality, focus solely on questions from the previous year.
  • Concentrate on current events as well as banking knowledge.

Make Notes As You Study

As you read books, newspapers, and magazines, you should take notes on what you find important so that you can save time during revision. There are who’s who, important days and dates, names of government schemes, famous people, and other sections in the exam. Your notes will make it easier to revise GK for the exam. The notes will also save you time and assist you in properly preparing for the exam.

Revise Regularly

Because General Awareness contains a lot of information to remember, you should review it on a regular basis. Revision entails memorising and retaining a lot amount of information, so you must have a revision strategy. Otherwise, you’ll be left with a blank mind during the exam. So, don’t leave any room for error, and keep notes on hand to revise on a regular basis.

Pay Attention to These Topics 

The topics listed below are those to which you should pay special attention if you want to do well in the IBPS exam or other banking exams. The syllabus for all banking exams is almost the same. So, focus on:

  • Last 6 months current affairs
  • Current news related to banking Industry
  • History of banking
  • Banking terms
  • Types of Banking
  • Banking in India
  • Information about Indian Economy and International Economy
  • Finance industry news
  • Fiscal Monetary Policy of RBI (Reserve Bank of India)
  • RBI Functions
  • Marketing
  • Awards & Honours in Sports
  • Countries / currencies
  • Famous Books & Their Authors

The Preparation Strategy 

There is no way to improve general awareness in a single day, and there is no magic trick to do so. Memory is important in this game; the more you memorise, the higher your score. However there are some actions that can help you.

How to Improve General Awareness

  • Daily newspaper reading
  • Prepare notes of important news from newspaper.
  • Everyday, go over your notes.

There are no short cuts to success, same is true for IBPS exam. The have to make yourself ready for the competition. Your hard work will pay off.

  • Understand the exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Solve and analyze previous year papers of IBPS Exam.
  • Complete mock series.

These are a Must for Preparing GA for IBPS Exam 

IBPS Chronicle, Pratiyogita Darpan, Competition Success Review, Competition Master, Success Mirror, and Samanya Gyan Darpan are some of the magazines that banking job seekers should read.

The Need for Coaching Class

Before enrolling in a coaching class, you should understand what self-study entails. If you believe that enrolling in a coaching class guarantees success in the IBPS exam, you are mistaken!

A coaching class can assist you with subjects, clear your doubts, and teach you short tricks, but you must still self-study. In a nutshell, you must study independently and practise in order to pass the exam.

The best strategy will be to pay attention in your coaching class, review what they have taught, and put what you have learned into practise. Write down your concerns, consult with your mentor, and practise again. For better results, repeat the process.

Work for Positive End Results

Your continuous and positive efforts will get your desired results. GA is a subject that requires dedicated and regular effort. This is a game of memory and thus revision is important. The right preparation will ensure your success in the IBPS Exam.

Keep up to date on the latest developments in the fields of economy, finance, budget, stock market, and banking. Because general knowledge questions can be answered orally, they are considered time savers.

The Final Words

Many people want to work for the government because of the job security and other benefits. Graduates, both working and non-working, are looking for job security in the banking sector. Every day, the competition for government bank jobs intensifies. We recommend that you plan your preparation strategy, develop a study schedule, and work toward your goal.

Maintain Your Competitiveness! Best wishes!

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