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Are you willing to get into the Indian Administrative service (IAS), the most reputed and honoured Job in India. Recruitments for Indian civil service are done through Civil service examination, commonly known as IAS Exam, which is conducted by UPSC. Every parent wants their child to get into a government job or want them to be an IAS officer. Civil service Exams are not easy to crack, they need dedication and time. The UPSC also utmost care while recruiting officers, as they will be managing and supporting the country.

Incomparable powers are associated with IAS service and along with this it also brings numerous accountabilities. To be an IAS officer you need to be diplomatic enough for understanding and managing the situations that come up in civil services.

Panel that interviews the IAS candidates and selects them as officers, include experts, who are former IAS officers. To be successful in IAS exam you need to make a right concept in mind about the exam. Success will come to you if your preparation is done on a regular basis. There are some qualities that the selection panel looks in an IAS candidate during the selection process. Several students appear every year to crack the exam and this is the only reason why the success rate is very low in this exam.

Do you know that the new pattern of IAS Exam will give more importance to dynamic and younger candidates, who have agile and sharp minds? Aptitude is the only criteria now for judging the candidates in the prelims exam.

You should always consult successful candidates and seniors, as they guide you well on how to start preparing and what to focus on. Going through previous year’s papers and reading IAS toppers testimonials always helps in developing the right strategy and concept. Never try to cover the entire exam, in fact, you need to analyze your strengths and then focus on the exam.
Some people keep trying back to back even after several failures, you better try to understand whether your personality is suitable for the job or not. Clearing the written exam is not the sole purpose of an IAS aspirant. It’s good to prepare for such an exam, but never waste your life over it, because victory in IAS is about examining the strengths and competition.

I share some tips to help you prepare better for the IAS Exam.

1) Choose the right subjects: It’s vital

Once you have planned to appear for IAS Exam, the foremost step is to choose the right subjects for prelims. You must be wondering which subject you should choose as your first optional? I understand that it is not a bed of roses, but suggests you to take a subject that drives you to explore more about it. Never follow anything because others are following it. So, don’t select a subject just because everyone has selected that, like History and Hindi. Remember that your mentors can only guide you but the decision lies in your hand.

I would suggest you to choose the subject you will like to study in depth and according to the demands of the exam question. You should have a passion for the subject, because once you will be able to master the subject, the marks will follow.

2) Be ready to devote almost 2 years for IAS study

One complete civil service cycle comprises of the preliminary exam, main exam, followed by the interview, which together make up one complete year. You should prepare three subjects, along with one essay and two languages, which will require focused study of a minimum of two years. Don’t get disheartened if you are unable to clear the exam in the first two attempts, as most people clear it only after two years. It will be easy for you to get success in the exam if you will master your selected subjects thoroughly.

3) Give a special focus to general awareness section

General awareness is also very important from the exam point of view. Be devoted to optional subjects, but remember not to ignore general awareness. Do not wait till last moment to prepare General Studies (GS) for the civil service exams. Notice the pattern of GS paper, as it is becoming more and more dynamic includes mostly general awareness.

While preparing for mains paper, be more logical and issue focused. To achieve this you have to keep yourself updated with the current international and national developments. Read a daily newspaper like The Hindu and The Times of India to keep up with the general awareness. To improve your general knowledge you can also use competition magazines like SSC Chronicle, Yojana Magazine, Jagran Josh, and Pratiyogita Darpan, Manorama year book, and e-books and online study materials.

Getting through in IAS is not an easy job, so make a full-fledged plan of study, study, and study. Having a strong preparation does not guarantee success in an exam, but it increases the chances of success in the exam. You have to give more than 100 percent for cracking this exam. You also need a good guidance to have a better preparation, consider joining a coaching institute which has a good success score.

I wish you all the best for your preparation and the exam. May you come out in flying colors.

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