How to Begin Your Career in HR

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Human Resource Manager Job can be a lucrative career option for you if you want to work closely with the management of any company. A career in HR has been the first choice of many MBA aspirants who chose HR as their core subject in their Masters. The main reason for the popularity of this job is the number of opportunities.  

Every company, no matter to which sector it belongs to has an HR department. The key responsibilities of HR remain more or less the same in all the companies so the chances of growth are high is this profession.  

If you too want to use your skills in the field of Human Recourses then this article will guide you through the process of landing your desired job of HR.

Understand the Requirements of HR Department

Before making your mind to become an HR in the near future, read the following requirements first.

· HR is not an easy Job

The general assumption of aspirants about the HR department is that it’s a cool department and HR job is a stress-free job but the fact is no job is stress-free in cooperate world whether you love it or not. The HR Executives and Managers also have some stressful days and some days with less stress. So if you want to be an HR only because this job has less stress then think again.

· It’s not all about the people

A very common  reason the HR aspirants give to become an HR is that they love to deal with people so here let me tell you, it’s not only about dealing with people. HR job is tough, diplomatic and thankless too. I am not being rude with words but it is the fact. HR person has to deal with the employees while keeping the management in the loop.   You are not to just handle the employees but make them comfortable, win their trust and keep them in your organization despite all their complaints.

· A department with enamors responsibilities 

 HR Department is not only about solving the employee’s grievances as most of MBA pass outs usually think. This department has to take care of many operations in the company such as training and development, Induction, initiating the appraisals, arranging the ER activities and most stressful works like recruitment and Payroll Management. You need to develop the skills to handle the aforementioned jobs.  Planning and managing the workforce and manpower is another crucial work that an HR person has to do.

How to Break Into a Career in HR

 After reading the above mentioned roles and responsibilities of an HR, you know that this is a responsible post with enough work and stress. Now let’s know how you can be an HR in a reputed company.

· Education

Education and training are a must to handle the roles and responsibilities of any post in any organization. In HR department mostly the MBAs are hired as they have the basic educational knowledge of management and if the applicant is experienced then companies take them on board to get the benefit of education and practical both types of knowledge. But many companies give preference to experience and they hire non- MBA applicants as well. So in short MBA is not a must to start your career in HR but the struggle to get a suitable job in the HR Department becomes easy with an MBA degree.

· Training

A certification course or training is always recommended to  HR aspirants. In this training, you will learn all those things which are not taught in MBA like the PF deduction and minimum wages rules. You will also get to know how to look for the right candidates on the job portals in that training.

· Job Search

The most tedious part of becoming an HR is the job search. You need to be proactive when you look for a job. For this first, you can tell all your contacts about your job search in HR and ask them to refer you if they will come to know about any vacancy in HR. Secondly, show the interest in your present company’s HR department. And last but the most important one is to update your resume on job portals in order to land an HR job. It will be a great start to your career if you work as an intern for a few months to get the work experience in the HR department.

Winding it UP

HR is an essential part of every organization so you may get many vacancies for this post. But the competition is high in this field of management so you need to work on your communication skills and your ideas about different aspects of HRD should be clear.

I hope this article will help you to get a job in your desired department. If you have any query related to HR Jobs then you can drop it in the comment box below. 

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