How Julius Caesar Changed the World


Julius Caesar was an ambitious and very powerful leader. His impact on the Roman Empire was visible from 49-44 BC.  Julius Caesar ruled on Rome with his strength and mind.

He was appointed as a Dictator but he turned out as a hero for the civilians of Rome. Julius Ceased was an instrumental part of the fall of the Republic of Rome and the birth of the Roman Empire.

Julius Caesar dealt with difficult issues like unemployment and civil war but incredible knowledge and great military strategy made him capable of all these difficult issues effectively.

It sounds weird that a leader of ancient Rome who ended the Rome Republic and started the Roman Empire changed the world. In the case of Julius Caesar it’s true, this old and leader born in 100 BCE changed the world with his work and vision.   

Historians have some written proofs about Julius Caesar’s life and work. These written documents make it easy for them to get to know the works and effects of this dictator of Rome.

Julius Ceaser is a popular name in Roman civilization and his work of that time left an incredible mark on Rome and the world’s history.

In this post, we will explore how Julius Caesar changed the world.

How Julius Caesar changed the world 

Julius Caesar was a great general, writer, lawyer, horseman, and politician. He was known as the leader of the people. His rule in Rome has changed the destiny of the Roman Republic and some of his work changed the world too. Let’s know how he changed the world.

 Dawn of Roman Empire

Julius Caesar had high political ambitions. To get the desired political power he gets himself appointed as dictator of Rome for a lifetime. It was the first step from Caesar to convert the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire. Later on, after the murder of Ceaser, his own great nephew who was his chosen successor, Octavian, became the first Roman Emperor.

 The economy booster

Julius Caesar was known as the man of the people. When he took over the charge of Rome the region was under debt and a large number of people was unemployed. This steps he took that time are still relevant. He started the construction of the public building and offered the job to unemployed people. He also set the li it of keeping cash with one person to improve the economy of Rome.

The Ancient Calendar Fixer

At the time of Julius Caesar, the calendar was nothing but a confused mess. At that time the calendar was based on an unreliable lunar system. Due to some superstitious beliefs, even number was not included in the calendar which makes it worse.

So Julius Caesar created a new calendar for Romans. He used the Egyptian system of chronological timekeeping. This new Julian calendar was having 365.25 days. Today’s calendar is a modified form of the Julian calendar. 

Like today’s calendar, the Julian calendar also has 31 and 30 days in alternating months. He set February at 29 days and adding an extra day every four years. It was a more realistic and easy calendar that Julius Caesar created.  

 Publishing the Daily Acts of the Roman People

Julius Caesar had started the publication of daily gazette as ‘Acta Diurna Populi’.  It was a daily report of the ongoing works of the Roman senate. This daily report keeps the citizen of Rome updated about the happenings around Rome. Later on, this daily gazette helped historians to get more information about Julius Caesar and his time.   

The Conclusion

Julius Caesar was one of the great leaders in the history of the world. He was loved by the people but assassinated by the Roman Senators. Still many people find him a good leader and few other consider it as a villain for the republic Roman. We leave this decision up to whether Caesar was a hero or villain but there is no doubt that his rule on Roman has an impact on the world.  

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