How Social media can help you land a job?

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The digital world has forced many companies to check for suitable candidates online especially in social media where you can get the necessary information on the individual, checkout their history and much more. This is not realized by many people as they think social media is just for making friends. So here I give you a few points on how I think social media like LinkedIn can help you land a job.

1. Shows personality

Interviewing people is a tedious process but when they do interview many people judge the candidate from their first glance. The profile picture on social media platforms like LinkedIn allows the company to get a view of their candidate before the interview so that they decide if the individual is suitable for the job they are offering. So make it a point to keep a dignified yet attractive picture of yours as your profile picture.

2. Your array of qualification

It is always a good point to list all real qualifications in your social media as the company looking to hire will look into your profile after the interview or sometimes even select you based on professional experience you have shared on your social media profile. So make sure to upload your real experience especially on websites like LinkedIn which is used for business.

3. Be professional

When writing about you in your social media profile make sure to do so in a professional manner as it may be checked by a prospective employer. A lot of employers hire professionals through LinkedIn nowadays. So write something that is eye-catching, professional and friendly without being childish, this will help you project a very good professional image of yours.

4. Communication skills

Some company even like to initiate communication with their potential employees through social media therefore it is highly advised that you brush up your communication skills. This will not only show how co-operative you are but will also prove that you are team worker with great communicative skills. So if any company approaches you on social media keep the talk formal yet friendly.

5. Projects your various interests

Social media allows you to list your various hobbies that you excel at and love. These can be seen by possible employers who can decide what kind of job in their company will harness all your talents into something incomparable. So always stay true and list real hobbies and skill of yours in your social media profile.

6. Show creativity

Social Media has always proven to be a great platform to display various talents like writing skills, paintings etc. and this allows companies to review your creativity and hire you based on that. This will not only allow you to project your creativity but also will give you the space to improve your individual talent.

7. Great references

References play a key role for a candidate to get selected for a job and social media sites like LinkedIn offer a great medium to show off your references thereby proving that you are one of the best choices they can make. So add good references in your social media profile.

Make use of the social media to get a job and secure your future.

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