Bollywood Takes Part In Educating People In Its Own Way!


There is no doubt how Bollywood movies have inspired us a lot and how uniquely they showcase feelings, emotions, and reflects our society. Many times, these sentimental Bollywood movies have connected youths and inspired them to make a better tomorrow, and especially movies based on India’s education system. These educational movies have showcased the harsh realities of “how the kids and youth struggling to make a stand in the society” and has taught or maybe not to deal with such sensitive issues. Let’s take a look at such movies-

Taare Zameen Par-
Remember how little innocent Ishan Nandkishore Awasthi was suffering from dyslexia fought with the difficulties he faced to become an outstanding kid in academics and how his teacher Aamir Khan made a special bond with this kid and helped him to fight with his disability. This movie showcased a special connection between a teacher and his student which made the movie gather Filmfare Best Film Award in the year 2008, and made an entry for Academy Awards Best Foreign Film 2009.

3 Idiots-
How can we forget this one that made us realize to chase our dreams and do what your heart says instead of following a hoard! This movie simply and superbly sends a message on the Indian education system that highlights running for high grades, ragging, parental pressure on college goers. In the movie, 3 Idiot friends have shared what some of us desire – hostel fun, each other’s back in tough circumstances and disappointments, and how Farhan took a stand for his dream to be a wildlife photographer made the youth of India follow their dreams.

Released in the year 2011 is a comedy film that is based on a couple of friends who struggle to get admission in a good college and are being pressurized by their parents and society to reserve seats for them in highly reputed college. But, due to the lower grades and lack of their interest in studies made them open their own college Fakirchand and Lakirchand Trust University which masked student follow their passion and make it their profession. This is another movie which told us the “what happens with an average student who wants to get an admission to a good college but couldn’t.”

Chalk N Duster-
The story of two teachers Vidya and Jyoti who shares a special bond with students and impart values and knowledge to their students. The movie has showcased the norms of the current education system, talks about the problems faced by teachers and students, and delivers the message of respect & honour of teachers who play an important role in one’s life. In the movie, it was showed how for school’s financial benefits, management dismisses the experienced teacher Vidya and her fellow teacher Jyoti stands up for Vidya’s unjustified dismissal.

Hindi Medium-
The movie revolves around a couple Raj and Mita, who are trying to get admission for their daughter in one of the most reputed schools in Delhi. The couple knows their reality and the social norms of “fine class”, who has money but doesn’t fit into the standards of “premium class” because cannot pronounce the word Eton and Elite. The movie is based on how language divides our society and how English speaking people are touted to be “high-class people”. The movie has dramatically showcased the harsh reality of our society and gave a strong message “in India, English is not a language but a class.”

There are many other movies like Paathshala, I am Kalam, Aarakshan, Nil Battey Sannata, and more that tells us what Indian Education is.

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