Anand Kumar: The Super Genius Behind Super 30


The Super Genius Behind Super 30

“My only message is that an honest effort does pay off, no matter how big the challenge is.” Says Anand Kumar the genius soul behind Super 30.

IITs have always been among the top-ranked engineering institutes in India. Every year students in the counting of lakhs take this tests and only a thousand are able to crack the entrance exam. India, today has thousands of coaching institutes that provide assistance to IIT aspirants.

However, the fees of these coaching institutes are way too high, which cannot be provided by the poor section of the society. Similar to this, an incident that led Anand Kumar to start with Super 30.

Super 30 is one such unique institutes of India that provide 30 IIT aspirant students from the poorest sections of the country to study free of cost from him.

Anand Kumar was born in Patna, he studied at a Hindi medium school from where his love for mathematics started. He was a bonafide student and secured a place at Cambridge University. However, he could not take admission because of the weak financial situations.

He used to then help his mother in delivering papads in the evening. Anand’s dedication and love for study can be known by the fact that just to read the foreign journals he used to travel to Varanasi on Fridays to Banaras Hindu University Central Library and return to Patna on Monday mornings.

Anand Kumar then started his school “Ramanujan School of Mathematics”. He kept the fees of the school at a very low amount yet felt that there were several students who could not take admission in the school because of the poor financial situations.

It is said that one day he came across such a student who wanted to study but could not afford to pay any fees. This incident led Anand Kumar to begin with his venture of Super 30 in the year 2002.

It is Anand’s sheer hard work that led his school increase the number of students from two to five hundred and Super 30 has given the country 396 IITians out of 450 until now.

Super 30 provides free coaching, accommodations, and food to the students. His mother provides food to the students while the management is looked after by his brother.

In the 14 years of Super 30, Anand has been offered several funds from the national and international institutes, but he has declined each one of them and operates Super 30 from the fees of his school.

Anand Kumar is 42 years old, published his biography in both Hindi and English language. He is known as the face of Bihar.

He has been called for guest lectures and motivational speaking to Harvard University, MIT, Stanford University and IITs to mentor the students. Recently it was revealed that a Bollywood film will be made on the life of Anand Kumar, which is directed by Vikas Behl and stars Hrithik Roshan as the mathematics genius.

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