All You Need to Know About Twitter


The traditional media was forced to make a way for a social media as information age empowered every individual with a voice. Facebook was the first one to revolutionize the entire paradigm of how the world functions. However, the real transformation was brought by the Twitter, who exposed the hypocrisy of politicians to celebrities and in people as a society as well.

While all other social media platforms are of laid-back nature, Twitter, on the contrary, is highly active an energetic platform and ruthless too where none is spared. For mushy-mushy souls, FB is the perfect platform, but if you have your brains in your control, twitter, and the world through it, is in your feast.

Twitter Sign Up:

All you need is an authentic email ID to get started on Twitter. For additional security now twitter uses your mobile number to ensure unsecured access to your account. Fill in your email ID, set your password, and hurray….here you go.


Once you are done with the sign-up, login to your twitter account. You will be given selective accounts to follow. You can search people on Twitter based on your interest. The tweets of your followed account become your Timeline.


Retweet does not mean any kind of enforcement of the opinion or information shared by anyone. It’s just your way of sharing the same information with your followers. Either you can simply retweet the tweet or you can use it as a link to have your own say in the tweet.


This wasn’t the initial feature on the twitter, instead, earlier twitter had Star. However, after the popularity of Like button on FB, Twitter altered the Star button with Like, but did no changes in the concept of the button.


List on twitter is to segregate accounts based on particular interests. Example, you can create a list of all the BJP ministers at the central government. Instead of viewing the whole timeline, you can view twitter from ministers only.


You may have initially followed many in order to build your timeline, but you may find many people not aligned with your interests. Simply, press the follow button to unfollow them, so that their tweets do not appear on your timeline.


Obligations are part and parcel of Indian culture. Your cousin or sister in law may ask you to follow them although they do not interest you. You can simply mute their account to avoid seeing their twitter on your timeline.

Direct Messages:

DM, as they are called, in short, is the way to keep your conversation private with an individual account. These exchange of words does not appear on the timeline and remain in the private, encrypted domain.


One of the most complex features to understand for newbies is words or phrases prefixed with #. The hashtag is a way of classifying a particular information and spread the information in an organized fashion so as to inform every individual on the twitter. Hashtag also means a trend, the most talked about issue or topic at a given time.

Today’s twitter is way too different than the initial years. Earlier twitter was all about text, but today Twitter allows images, GIFs, videos, as well as the live broadcast of content.

As the latest experiment, twitter, for the first time ever, has increased the word count limit from 140 characters to 280 characters. Analysts are of the opinion that this move would backfire and would adversely affect the popularity of the microblogging site.





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