Why is Learning Abacus Beneficial For Your Kids?

Benefits of Learning Abacus Math

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Abacus is an old math calculation learning tool that is still relevant. Abacus is a tool that has small beads, and it’s mainly used to teach basic calculation to the kids. Merchants of Asia and Africa used this ancient tool to make calculations related to their business. It is also believed that those old civilizations like Greece, Rome, Persia, India, and others used an abacus for mathematical work. Despite being so old, the tool is still relevant to learn mathematical calculations. Now many educational institutes also promote abacus learning. So, the parents must want to know the benefits of learning math.

In recent years the use of the abacus has decreased drastically. The tool can help young kids to understand Math easily. If you want to know the benefits of abacus learning for kids, then you are in the right place. Abacus makes the kids quick in mathematical calculation. Let us understand in detail how learning abacus can be beneficial for kids;

Benefits of Learning Abacus Math for Kids

Many people know about the abacus and its use, but most don’t know how to help the kids learn. The tool can help the kids in their early years when their minds want to adopt various things. Here have a look at the benefits of learning abacus math for kids;

· For an Improved concentration

Abacus is connected with math learning only, but it has various other benefits, and increasing concentration is one of them. The tool is so engaging that kids focus on it, and that’s how they learn to concentrate at one work. As soon as they get expertise on the abacus, their focus starts to be stable. It’s one of the reasons that experts suggest introducing abacus to kids in their early years.

· To enhance creative skills in kids

During the abacus learning session, the trainers encourage the kids to calculate on a virtual abacus. It will help them in quick calculations and also indirectly motivate them to use their imaginary mind. Learning abacus at an early age can help kids use their creative and imaginary minds more effectively.

·  To improve observation skills

Abacus training is one of the mental training techniques that improve observation skills in the learner. During its training, the kid has to observe the different patterns and methods of calculation. When a child starts to solve mental math problems using an abacus, he has to listen to the question patiently. So it also helps to improve listening skills at an early age.

· To Improve Memory

Kids have a sharp memory, but the flickering mind of kids doesn’t allow you to sit in one place and keep the things in mind. In abacus learning, the kid’s concentration is in one place, and to solve the mental math, they have to keep the steps in mind. It helps them to memories things easily, which becomes a habit soon.

· For a clear academic base

The best part of abacus learning is, its benefits become a part of students’ learning patterns. They started to remember the chapters and things earlier, so they didn’t need much effort. For basic addition and subtraction calculation, the kids generally don’t use their fingers and answer in less time. Abacus learning strengthens the foundation of math for the learner.

· To Boost Confidence

When the kid knows the answer to most of the basic math calculations, and he can be really quick compared to others, his confidence will boost up. Abacus learning is easy, and kids adopt its techniques in less time. So no kid feels that he is not good enough in math. The abacus learning program helps every student. If you are an average student, it will help you increase your focus and decrease the time you need to solve the math question. For brilliant kids, the abacus will help to learn tricks to give quick and accurate answers every time.

The Bottom Line

So, you know the main benefits of abacus learning for kids. The ancient tool for calculation attracts young learners easily and makes the basics of math easy to understand. Parents must still be curious to know more about the abacus and how it will help their kids. So, here we have compiled some frequently asked questions from parents about abacus learning. Just go through to them, and all your doubts will get resolved.


  • How learning an abacus can help kids learn math when calculators and computers are more in use?

Abacus is not a gadget that gives a quick answer, but it’s a tool that teaches math basics to young students. No matter how advanced we become, we are to be proficient with basic math rules. We have already disclosed other benefits of abacus apart from the calculation above. It’s a great tool to enhance kids’ motor skills and hand, eye, and ears coordination. So despite the popularity of using calculators and computers, the abacus is still relevant for young learners to understand math.

  • What calculation do kids learn through abacus?

The abacus learning teaches counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and it helps them be quick in lengthy mathematical calculations. Abacus also helps the students to learn square root, cube root, and decimals.

  • How abacus, the ancient tool can boost confidence in kids?

The techniques the kids learn in abacus learning help them to be quick and accurate in the calculation. So, they can give quick answers in class, and it boosts their confidence.

  • How can learning abacus improve kids’ concentration skills?

Numbers are not easy to learn. Sometimes the grown-up forget a few numbers in digits when they are to make some calculations with gadgets. So the kids have to be more careful in calculation with an abacus. It makes them be focused and improves their concentration skills. The improved skills overall help the young students to perform well in studies and other activities.

  • What is the right age to learn abacus?

If you want to enhance the hand, eyes, and ear coordination in your kids, then you can introduce the abacus to him once he becomes two years old. For learning purposes, the right age for the students is four years. The earlier you will start, the better result you will get. For an elder learner, the age should be 13 or less to learn abacus.

  • Isn’t Math in school and abacus math both can confuse the young learner?

No, abacus learning will help the kids to perform well in math. Here you should also know that abacus learning has beads and school math numbers, and the abacus gives them practical knowledge of math. Both kinds of teaching techniques are not connected. Hence, they will not confuse even a younger kid in school math and abacus math.

  • Why is it suggested to start abacus learning at an early age?

An ideal age to learn abacus is 4-13 because this is the phase when a kid’s mind is in the developing stage. During 4 to 6 years of age, the growth of the mind is in the most progressive phase. Kids never forget the things that happen during this timeline. So, it’s better to enroll in abacus learning at an early age. As soon as kids get older, he adopts the school learning method. So adapting the mental math and abacus techniques becomes difficult for them. Therefore, it’s better to enroll in abacus learning as early as possible.

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