What is natural spirituality and How to develop it?


Spirituality cannot be defined in a few words or as a particular practice, it is a certain way of being. It is the inner truth of a person and is a blissful experience. Natural spirituality means gaining spiritual awakening without fear of gods, gurus etc. It is a practical and modern way of understanding experiences of our life.

This spirituality teaches us that our quality of thinking will define our quality of life. This kind of spirituality is much needed in today’s world filled with stress, pollution and a hectic lifestyle. Due to many such factors we suffer from various illnesses mainly mental and these ailments can be cured or prevented by spiritual awakening. Natural spirituality is not attained in some school or by some teacher for a certain price of money and it is not attained for better job or profits. In simple words a culture free way to make sense of spirituality is defined as Natural spirituality.

Natural spirituality mainly consists of a theory that we are one with the nature and its various components. Spirituality is mainly our ability to become one with the universe without any thought of selfishness about us or our profit. Many people feel that spirituality can be attained by religious prayers where we try to immerse ourselves with the great divine power. But natural spirituality says that there is energy within us and we are nothing more than a mass of energy, similar to the energy that is present in everything in this universe and similar to the energy that created this universe in the big bang thereby making us one with the universe.

Spiritual enlightenment through various practices helps calm our mind thereby reliving us of depression, violent thoughts, anxiousness, guilt, resentment and other bad thoughts and fill our mind with peace, joy, calmness etc. It has been scientifically proven that spiritual practices help in curing various aliments where modern medicine is of no use and even cases of terminal illnesses these practices give the patient inner strength to face the harsh reality of their demise. One of the best forms of practicing spirituality is showing acts of kindness and charity.

Natural Spirituality can be practiced by various methods but the most common and popular methods are meditation and yoga. Here are some simple and practical steps that I feel help to develop your natural spirituality:

1. Believing that there is something greater than you :
We feel that we are more important than anything and that there is our needs are more important. We fail to recognize that we are one with the universe and it various elements. We are just a small part of it, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t do our part. We should always remember that we will exist for just a period of time but nature will last till the end and its magic is eternal.

2. Spend more time in nature:
Nature plays a big role in our life but we fail to recognize its importance. We need to spend more time in nature and we should try our best to ions also get the preserve it so our future generations also get the same opportunity. Experiencing nature will make our mind fresher and calm as the silence of the tress, the freshness of the air etc. help create a peaceful atmosphere to meditate and awaken our spirituality

3. Experience various paths to spirituality:
Spirituality varies from person to person, some find enlightenment under the guidance of a religion or a guru and some prefer nature. To find our natural spirituality we have to explore various forms and paths of spirituality and find our own.

4. Spiritual practices:
Try to add spiritual practices like meditation, yoga etc. to your daily routine this will make your life more meaningful and stress free. Practices like meditation and yoga help in reliving us of our stress, connecting us with us surroundings, keeping our mind calm and provide us with inner strength.

Simple ways to Deepen Your Spiritual Relationship to Nature
Here are some are some simple suggestions to deepen your spiritual relationship to nature

1. Commit yourself to connect with nature:
Our mind is filled with chatter and buzzing due to the fast pace of our modern world and due to the technological development we have forgotten our connection to nature. We should make time to commit our time to connect with nature and this doesn’t mean like just once a week it should be more about our communication and understanding with nature.

2. Alone time in nature:
Make time with nature like planting trees, talking to them and nurturing them similarly for animals. We should make time to spend alone with nature without any outer disturbances or distractions. This is a hard feat in today’s busy life but you can add natural hobbies like trekking, nature walking etc.

3. Sit down:
Make time to sit under a tree, play with your pet and practice such simple act into you daily routine. You can bring a book and some snacks making it picnic which will make your experience more enjoyable. It can be a family affair, where your friends and family gather bring food, play a few games and take naps under trees such simple ways will connect you with nature

4. Observe and Relax:
From you daily schedule take some time to appreciate the nature around you like the beautiful sunrise, sunset, the green tree across the yard, the small park in your area etc. See the simple yet magical beauty in nature and relax under it or with its view in front of you.

5. Talk:
Many of us feel this is silly and foolish but it is scientifically proven that plants respond to our voice. So take some time to talk to the plants in your house while watering them, talk to you pet about you daily problem, you will not find a solution but it will relive you of your stress.

Hope this article inspires you to find your natural spirituality and help you to connect with the nature around you thereby providing you with the happiness and joy you experience with spiritual practices.

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