5 high pay, low stress jobs in India


There is a widespread myth that the higher the pay the more prominent the stress. That is not generally the situation as there are a few professions with lucrative paychecks with low stress. In a nation fixated on cash and achievement, it is imperative to note that while there is no occupation that is ‘100% stress-free’. In opposition to public perception, there are a few occupations that pay well and will surely ensure that you have a pleasant social life.

High pay and low stress jobs are believed to be the kind of jobs that do not put an individual into too much of stress but are still able to offer them handsome salaries. In India, many individuals are indulged in these kinds of jobs and earning good salaries. Some of the high pay and low stress jobs that are being performed in India are as follows:

The profession of a librarian is a kind of profession which involves a minimum amount of stress but sizeable salary. Apart from that, they also generally work in a peaceful environment which makes their job even easier. A librarian just needs to display his managerial skills to manage the inflow and outflow of books

Application Software Developer
The other job that can be included in the category of low stress and high paid jobs is the job of application software developer. It is highly believed that one of the primary reasons behind getting high pay rates for this job is the constant increase in the demand of the software developers across different countries. The nature of the job allows the specialist to even work from home and does not necessarily have to physically visit the client.

Business Consultancy
Providing consultancy service is another low stress and high paid jobs in India, in which the main thing to do so is to provide solutions to the business personnel regarding how they can expand and grow their business. As in the case of application software developer, business consultants also do not need to travel from one place to other and hence can work in a fairly relaxed environment.

University Professor
Some of the main aspects of the job of a university professor are to prepare the lectures that will be delivered in the classroom along with designing and providing marks to the coursework that the individuals had to bear. The turbulent circumstances that are generally faced by the students are in complete contrast to the easiness with which a professor can undertake his work. Although, the job is comfortable and not much extra work is offered but still these university professors can make a lot of money just by undertaking some routine lectures.

Food Dietitian
Providing consultancy service to the clients with respect to the food is another job that involves a minimum amount of stress level. The increasing health related problems are expected to lead towards the increase in the dietitian as more and more individuals are expected to come and learn about the health issues of the whole business.

There are plenty of high-pay, low-stress professions in India, so choose the one that interests you.

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