Union Ministry of Agriculture’s Mission Fingerling: All You Need to Know


Mission Fingerling has been launched by the Union Ministry of Agriculture. It is for enabling holistic development and management of India’s fisheries sector with a total expenditure of about Rs. 52000 lakh.

The mission seeks to enhance fisheries production to 15mmt from 10.79 mmt by the end of the year 2020-21, under the Blue Revolution.

Key Facts of Mission Fingerling:

  1. 20 States have been identified by the government based on their potential and some other appropriate factors for strengthening the Fish Seed infrastructure and the Fish Fingerling production in India.
  2. Establishment of Fingerling rearing hatcheries and pond will be done under the Mission Fingerling to ensure India’s 426 crores fish production of fish fingerling, 25.50 crores Post Larvae of crab and shrimp.
  3. The implementation of Mission Fingerling will complement the stocking materials’ requirement in the nation up to a huge extent, which will help achieve the increased fish production.

About Blue Revolution:

Blue Revolution seeks to recognize the possibilities and potential in the nation’s fisheries sector by unlocking the latent potential of nation via an integrated approach.

It aims to create an enabling environment for holistic and integrated management and development of fisheries for an overall socio-economic development of fish farmers and fishers. It focuses on resource management and their conservation via technology transfer in order to increase fish farmers and fishers’ income.

It also aims to achieve enhanced productivity by retaining best global integration of various productivity enhancing activities and innovations through adoption of technology, cost effective feed, and production of quality fish seeds etc.

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