Try Out These Sudoku Tips If You Are A Beginner


Sudoku is a cleverly designed game. You need some brainstorming to figure out this tricky puzzle. You need to be good at identifying patterns and numbers and also thinking out logically. This is a game about your analysis of situations and the results of that situations. For beginners who have just started with solving or rather enjoying Sudoku must know that it is a very game which requires you to have all different numbers in every row and column. One has to proceed by filling the vacant blocks with numbers between 0-9 such that no two digits appear in a single line. This makes only one solution to the entire puzzle. For someone new this might be very time taking and only after an array of mistakes and substitutions will he be able to learn to place the right numbers at the right place.

The game is all about your logic of elimination. If you remove the wrong elements, you reach the right number which should be placed in there. Besides this, Sudoku helps improve your brain power.

Here are some of the less talked about but effective tricks which when mastered can save your time and lead to solutions of Sudoku easily. These unconventional and secret tricks are mentioned below.

  • The first trick is called naked singles. It is one of the easiest Sudoku techniques. You apply this trick to solve the basic Sudoku. If a cell has only one element, it would definitely be that number.
  • The other trick is called hidden single candidates. It is more complex than previous one and is difficult to spot. The candidates that appear in a cell does not matter. If it appears in nonet, it must be part of it.
  • Naked pair candidates is another trick which is very beneficial. In this, we have to spot the missing elements and right the possible pair combination for those cells. The cells with the same element pairs mean that the other pairs that exist in the row or column containing those cells cannot have those pair elements. Another trick which involves the same logic is called hidden pair candidates.
  • Next is the naked triples. Naked Triple Candidate (aka Naked Triple) is the situation when you have three numbers in three cells. The thing that makes it difficult to spot is that not all three numbers need to be in each cell. It can be understood as an example.

Suppose we have three numbers, the triple dispersed areas 12, 23, 13.  if we have this combination in three respective cells, we can remove these elements from shared rows and columns. The hidden triple candidate also employs the same technique but is much more difficult to spot. When it is spotted, you can eliminate the associated candidates from rows, column, or nonet within which the cells that form the triple reside.

These tricks are pretty basic and can be used to solve moderately difficult Sudoku. However, there are a lot of high-level tricks which can be used to solve very hard levels of Sudoku such as swordfish, x wing, y wing, empty rectangles, digital forcing chains, death blossoms, sue-de-coq etc.

Now when you know the tricks why not to try your hands on Sudoku. The world of Sudoku is just a click away,

Trust me, you will have the best Sudoku experience ever!

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