Conscious And Subconscious Mind – A Comparison


The human mind is the most powerful tool in the world. Some of the great minds in the history of mankind have shaped our world. Human mind is much more complex than it looks. It is indeed much more than a soft tissue organ. Its real potential has not been used completely. It is said that humans use only a minute portion of their brain capacity. No one has ever reached its full capacity. Anatomically it has been studied a lot. But the basic functioning and the real understanding of our minds lies in studying its hidden aspects. Our minds can be said a superset of conscious and subconscious minds. These two work together to help us survive in this world.

The Conscious Mind:

One might think that it is only the conscious part of the brain which makes one distinguished than the other. It is true in some sense. All our physical and worldly interactions are controlled by our conscious brain. We perform such actions voluntarily. When we talk, we are aware of our words, when we write we are aware of the words being penned down. Our conscious brain accomplishes most of the tasks which we perform on a daily basis. It can be said that it is the commanding officer on deck of a ship and gives to the rest of the mind to follow orders.

It is this time, the subconscious mind works as a crew on deck and follows orders. However, there are incidents when your subconscious mind overrides your conscious mind when you are engrossed in a particular work. Imagine you are on the usual route to your home after gym. You being engrossed in your phone will guide yourself along the way to your house without yourself even noticing of the decisions you made of turning to the left or turning to the right. It is subconsciously you reach your destination because your brain has learned to function that way. Your conscious memory has been aided by subconscious one just like a RAM in computers is used in combination with cache memory.

The Subconscious Mind:

Subconscious memory can be said to be the self-taught segment of your brain. It keeps on improvising and modifying without you even noticing it. It is the junction of your unconscious state and your conscious state. Your conscious state has the same access to it as the unconscious state. It generally features the recall of past events and old memories. It is directly affecting our senses and emotions. Our overwhelmed feelings and emotions are a result of subconscious mind at work especially when we are in sleep or under the effect of anaesthesia. It is that time when subconscious mind entirely takes over the other segments.

The dreams which we have are nothing but our thoughts embedded in our subconscious which comes to us while we are at complete rest. Since the body is at complete rest, only that portion of the brain works which is responsible for the life processes in our body. Though sometimes thoughts from the conscious segment enter the subconscious segment and we witness them as dreams.


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