Strategies to Score Over 90% in 12th Board Exam


“A dream doesn’t become a reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.”
-Colin Powell

Want to score 90% or more in 12th board exam 2018? This is the right time to kick-start your preparation. Simply dreaming big won’t get you success, you got to work for it too. If you landed on this page, you are sure to shine out in your board results. Read on to know doing what can bring you best results.

Do you have a pile of books in your study room? You need to stop it from becoming a gooey mess! The first thing to do is to get the NCERT books; they are best for board exams, never neglect them.

Here are some strategies to help you score 90% or above in 12th board exam:

1) Be regular with your class and with your studies too. Get the syllabus of all the subjects, purchase NCERT books and plan your study accordingly.

2) Listen to your class lectures carefully, try understanding the concepts discussed, and ask questions to your teachers.

3) Understand every concept shared in NCERT books. Solve the exercises shared at the end of every lesson and keep the solution safe for future reference.

4) Make notes while studying any subject, be it Mathematics, Physics or Chemistry. Doing this will help you revise quickly and efficiently in less time, as well as it will give you confidence.

4) Use reference book and as complementary. Remember NCERT books are the key to success in Board Exams. Ask questions to yourself. Following only reference books might be confusing, use them like cheery on the cake. Here cake is NCERT books and cherry is reference books. Using Youtube study channels could make things easy too.

5) You need to follow a smart timetable for your studies. Stick to that planned schedule. Someone has said it right that hard work eventually pays off so just hang on to your study plan and you will get what you aim for. Smart study does not mean continuous studying, so take short breaks from the study and listen to your favourite music, take a walk, or play with your friends.

6) Revision and study are equally important, leaving either will reflect in your results. The human brain tends to remember only 18% of all the things that happen in a period of 24 hours. You can imagine what would be the situation if you just study and revise nothing!

7) Never pile up work, or delay the study plans. Take practice tests; these are a must to keep track of your progress. Learn from every practice test you give and improve where you lack to score well.  Repeat the process to master concepts and time.

8) Solve previous year papers, don’t keep it for the end moment. Start it at the earliest.

9) Don’t stress yourself for scoring 90% marks or above. Study to improve your knowledge and sharpen the concepts you know, and the marks will follow.

10) Using internet for study is of great help, educational channels on Youtube could make things easy too. But you need to use internet wisely.

11) Keep a watch on your eating habits and physical activities.

All the best! You landed on this page at the right time. You will do well in 12th board exam. Need our help, comment below.


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