Research Jobs in Indian Government Sector


Getting paid for researching in a field of your interest may seem like the description of an ideal  job for many but these research jobs aren’t for everyone. Government Organisations having research jobs generally don’t want inexperienced candidates, they prefer hiring skilled and experienced professionals to run their research operations. The requirements for research jobs is quite simple. The candidates generally should have a doctorate degree and a minimum of five years’ experience in a relevant field before being considered for a research position. Research jobs in the Indian government are plenty, but the intense competition and the stringent selection procedures insure that getting a government research job is definitely not a piece of cake.

Types of Research Job in Government Organizations

As most of the main organisations that have research positions, come under the central government, employees across these departments draw a similar salary. The pay for government research positions vary according to their scale. Generally the research positions are of three types.

  • They are the E type, the D type and the C type research positions. Out of these the E type is the senior most position and also has the highest compensation which can be around 40- 50 thousand a month in addition to significant incentives. As their experience increases the government research employees also see increments and raises. Freshers find it difficult to get these type of jobs as almost all of them require some experience.
  • The age limit for the E type research employees is 45 years, while it is 40 and 35 for the D and C type employees respectively.
  • Relaxations in the age limit are provided in exceptional cases and on the basis of current government policies.
  • Most of these organisations conduct walk in interviews as part of their recruitment policies.
  • The Government of India also offers several Internship opportunities, every year for different age groups.

Public Sector Organizations That Offer Research Jobs

  • The National Aerospace Laboratory (NAL), recruits candidates for the post of scientists and technicians.
  • Similarly the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) also employs aspirants with the relevant qualifications at the post of Scientists.
  • These positions allow the candidates to use their knowledge and research abilities to the fullest by providing them with a supportive environment.
  • The MoEF (Ministry of Environment and Forests) employs consultants, who with the help of their research, advises the ministry on the best course of action.
  • The ICCS employs project scientists who research on climate changes and their effects.
  • Also, several research institutes funded by the Central Government of India, including Central drug Research Institute (CDRI), Indian Council of medical research (ICMR), Central Food Technological Research institute (CFTRI), Indian Institute of spices research, and Indian Veterinary Research Institute, recruit candidates for various positions.
  • Other than the central government organisations, almost all the key universities and technical institutions of the country have their own research departments.
  • All the IIT’s (Indian Institutes of Technology) regularly issue advertisements and notifications for research positions. These positions are all the more coveted due to the enormous prestige and reputations involved with these famous institutions.

Other than these there are similar other government positions too. The research part has become essential to any organisation as new techniques have a low self-life now. Due to the competition and awareness among the normal people, organisations have to keep on revamping their ideas and business methodologies, to maintain and improve their positions in the business market. This is where the research department comes into play. These departments often advise the organisations and ministries on the best course of action in order to get the best results possible. The meteorological department researchers and scientists for example, help the food production by providing the farmers with an access to accurate weather predictions.

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