Last Minute Tips for IBPS Clerk Preliminary Exam

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IBPS Clerk Prelims exam is near. These are the tension hours for candidates appearing for the exam. But don’t worry we are here to help you move one step closer to this government job. Here we have some last minute tips for you which will boost your confidence.

1. Revise Basic concepts and important formulas

This is the time when notes prepared by you comes into play. Revise the notes you prepared for last minute revision. Brush up your basic concepts and all the important formulas. Don’t try learning new concepts, just revise what you have been preparing.

2. Prioritize the sections and the number of minimum questions you will attempt from each section

Analyse the previous papers and go through the exam pattern and decide the number of questions you need to attempt from each section to score above cut-off. Follow a strategy, a good strategy will be to attempt questions from sections you find difficult, without wasting much time on one section, and moving to the sections you find easy.

3. Revise shortcuts

Short tricks are a must for such exams. This is the right time to go through the shortcuts you have been using to solve questions. They will help save a lot of time. Don’t try to learn new tricks at this point of time, it will lead to confusion.

4. Make a time management strategy

Remember that you have just one hour, so use it wisely. You not only have to clear an overall exam cutoff but sectional cutoffs as well, to get shortlisted for mains.

5. No Random Gusseses

The exam includes negative marking for each wrong answer. Answer the questions you are 100% sure about. Making random guesses can lead to low score. However, you can make a confident guess.

6. Focus

Take proper rest before exam day, it will help you stay focused. Exam anxiety is faced by all, so stay calm to overcome it. Don’t lose your focus while giving exam, even when you face unexpected questions. The exam takes just one hour from your one day life, and can give you happiness for rest of the life.

Hope these tips help you. Go fresh, go confident. Good luck from Team Opennaukri!

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