Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS): All You Need To Know


Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS) has been launched by the Union Government to tackle the issue of call drop faced by the nation. The system has been launched at several locations including metro cities like Delhi and Mumbai. The system will collect direct feedback from subscribers on quality of call and on call drop issue.

The service has been made available in Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Goa and Maharashtra and as per the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), soon it will be cover the entire nation.

What is Call drop?

Call drop is interruption in or disconnection of voice calls. Call drop represents the inability of telecom operator to maintain an established call before it is completed.

Reasons for call drop:

  • Call drop occurs when the signal strength of the telecom operator’s mobile tower becomes less than the minimum acceptable single strength required for making a call.
  • Call drops may also occur due to bad environmental conditions or due to frequent movement of a user from one cell to another.

What is IVR system?

IVR system is an automated telephony system, which interacts with callers, collects information and routes calls to the right recipient. The system accepts a combination of touch-tone keypad selection and voice telephone input and provides appropriate responses in the form of callback, voice and other media.

How the IVR system works?

  • Telecom subscribers will receive an IVRS call from 1955 (short code). They will be asked some questions related to the issue of call drops in their area.
  • Subscribers are allowed to send a toll-free SMS to 1955 (short code), with the location with call drop problem.
  • The feedback from subscribers will be shared with telecom network operators so they can address the issue of call drop by taking steps to curb call drops in problem areas.


Speaking on Integrated Voice Response System (IVRS), Shri Manoj Sinha, Minister of Communications, said that IVR platform is a channel for capturing direct feedback from the users and their feedbacks can be used for improving the services offered by telecom network operator. He also mentioned that initially the government will use the IVRS for to overcome call drops and will extend this service to get feedback of consumer in other areas.

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