Indian Railway’s launched RailCloud


An emerging technology that facilitates faster and on demand commensurate deployment of server resources thus leading to reduced costs is Cloud computing. This incredible technology has been applied to the India Railway system with its launch of RailCloud.

What is RailCloud?

RailCloud is a virtual server that has an inbuilt security system which will allow for faster connectivity at a reduced cost, and it works on the well-established as well as popular cloud computing system. It was launched on 12th, July 2017 by Railway Minister Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu with other initiatives like Nivaran-Grievance Portal and Cashless treatment Scheme in Emergency (CTSE) Scheme.

Key Features of RailCloud

• Railcloud has been developed as a part of IR-OneCIT, Railway’s strategic IT initiative by rail PSU RailTel and an amount of Rs 53.55 crore has been sanctioned for the Phase-I of Railcloud.

• The main focus of Railcloud is to optimise server resources as well as its management. Maximum usage of the available storage and server is enabled by its technology thus indicating that more applications and bigger data can be stored in the same server space.

• It is believed that Railcloud technology will make way for faster deployment of the application. The new application can also be tested rigorously with the cloud’s environment and hardware. Expenditure for the acquisition of new resources is minimised by incorporating cloud into the current infrastructure and the resources available in railways.

• The technology of Railcloud enables server and storage space to increase and decrease, based on the demand thereby allowing the system to function seamlessly during high demand work hours without any extra expenditure.

• As per the latest government guidelines, it is also equipped with security features, and for all the applications in the cloud, these features can be updated all at once.

• To guarantee a better user experience the server resources of RailCloud is constantly scaled up and down based on the number of users logged in.

• Railcloud encompasses all management related and other services such as signal assets, human resources, health and hospital, energy, freight and logistics and much more.

What is Nivaran-Grievance Portal?

Nivaran-Grievance Portal is the first Railcloud application, and it was also launched with Railcloud. This portal serves as a platform for resolving service related grievances and also for serving former railway employees. Nivaran-Grievance Portal is said to save a good amount of revenue and at the same time improve the experience of the user.

At present Railcloud will be launched in four metro cities Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. The entire system is online, and this also includes the bill processing.

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