How to Plan for Board Examination 2018


Exams are a tough time in every student’s life. We all grew up facing these. We hated them, we feared them, but anyhow we had to face them. They are important too, in a practical sense. They evaluate our learning and are a parameter of grading us. The most important of these exams are the Board examinations which are the first set of crucial papers you will write in your life. Here are a few tips for the students who shall take on the Board examinations in 2018.

Always have a positive mindset – it is very necessary that you take these exams with a positive attitude and do not stress yourself. Stressing out will hamper your preparation.

Regular self-study – it is a must that you study the concepts taught by your teacher at home. Just give a brief reading so it remains in your subconscious mind and you shall not feel as if it is something new while revising it for your boards. Keep your preparations on from right now. Begin dividing your syllabus by some days. Many of the students do this mistake of sitting with one subject for the entire day. Instead what you should do is, you should dedicate one to two hours for each of your subjects with a break of at least 15 minutes in between two subjects. If you are doing Mathematics right now, you can then switch to a non-science subject such as English in the next hour. This way your brain shall not be saturated with only one subject material. What you so in your interval also matters.

Do not watch televisions or YouTube videos instead lie down and take a short Power nap or just relax. Though you can say that watching TV is relaxing for you but in the true sense, it is not, for your eyes. Instead of conserving your energy you are wasting on a different task where the brain is also preoccupied. Therefore, never watch TV while studying. Also keep your cell phones away while studying.

Knowing the syllabus and pattern – always be aware of how the previous year’s question papers were set and try to solve as many previous year questions papers at the same time update yourself with any change in the current year’s syllabus or pattern change. For example this year, ISC and ICSE exam patterns have completely changed and are now somewhat of the CBSE pattern.

Diet – Try to have healthy and timely meals. Avoid junk food because they hamper your mental growth as well as make you more sleepy and lazy. Try to add nuts and a good amount of fibre in your diet. Water and fibre are said to be very beneficial for increasing focusing and attentive power.


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