Why’s For Taking GRE


If you are planning to go to overseas for your higher studies then you must have heard about GRE and still if you are not familiar with this term then you will have to grab more information about studies in abroad. GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations and its a kind of entrance test for admission in foreign universities for various professional courses.

Read on as we explore the importance and need for GRE. Let’s start this discussion with one of the most asked questions about GRE, ‘What is GRE?’

What is GRE?

GRE is a basic requirement to get admission in most of the foreign universities. In this test, the basic skills of students based on their learning in high schools are measured. In this test, the verbal reasoning, Quantitative Reasoning and Analytical Writing of students are measured.

GRE is not a standardized set of test for non- native students only but the native students also need to appear in this test in order to get admission in graduate courses. In the US only approx 60% of universities accept the GRE score, so now you can understand the popularity and acceptance to GRE in the universities around the world and especially in the US. If you want to take admission in any course such as Master of Arts, Master of Science, and even Ph.D., you will have to clear GRE.

Now let’s understand why it is important and who should do GRE.

Importance of GRE

GRE is recognized by several universities around the globe as an entrance test although it’s not the only criteria of offering admission to a student but its an important aspect. The best part of GRE is that its pattern and syllabus remain same for higher studies for all students and you can apply for it from any corner of the world. So a good score in this opens many doors for you. A good score of GRE also makes the student eligible for financial help for their studies. 

The GRE score is not the only reason for the university to offer you admission in your desired course but it is the reason for segregation of applications. When you apply for admission in a foreign university then they will look at your GRE score and if it is red flagged then your application may get placed in a rejected pile.

Who Should Do GRE ?

The one line answer to this question will be if you are planning to take admission in foreign university then you should go for GRE. If you are planning to take this test then ask following questions to you and if you find affirmative answers to these questions then you should definitely take GRE.

  1. Are you planning to go overseas to enroll in a course which needs a GRE course?
  2. If your study programme does not require GRE but it is strongly recommended by the university (a course such as Ph.D. has this condition)
  3. If you want to fund your further education.
  4. Or if you have any plan to apply for a graduate course in the coming five years.

So now based on your answers, you know if GRE will be beneficial for you or not.

Winding It Up

GRE is an important exam but not necessary for all. Take it only if your further studies demand it. if you are not sure about your graduation in a foreign country at one of their universities then don’t pick it. if still curious to know more about GRE, feel free to write to us in the comment box below.

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