Five smart ways to motivate yourself to reach your goals


At the beginning of every year, you start the year with determination, enthusiasm, focus and with a lot of vigour. You list down resolution and goals for the year. Resolution to open up a business, to lose some weight or, save some money for a trip around the world. Halfway through the year the energy to achieve your goals dies off.

Why does this happen?

Many factors destruct us from reaching our goals. For instance;

  • Lack of motivation
  • Procrastination
  • Poor Planning
  • Lack of guidance
  • Having Unrealistic Goals
  • Laziness
  • Lack of commitment

If this describes you, here are some 5 smart ways to motivate yourself to reach your goals.

1. Have a plan. “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. Have a clear defined action plan that will guide you daily. A plan keeps you in check on what you need to do and when. In your plan, list goals you want to achieve when and, how. It is also important to write down challenges you face on each goal. Assess your plan on a daily basis and keep track on goals achieved and those not achieved.

2. Be consistent. How consistent are you? Consistency and focus on your work give excellent results. At times you may get tired to write that paper that will land you your next big cheque. Don’t let anything hinder your success, be consistent in achieving your goal.

3. Set up Goals. Set up gigantic possible goals that make you wake up every morning. The bigger the goal, the more motivated you will be. Big goals result in excellent performance.

4. Get help. Surrounding yourself with positive thinkers is important. From your plan, determine the level of support you will need to accomplish your goals. There are many ways to get support. You can read relevant books, use youtube, research on the internet or even get a right life coach to walk you through your journey to success.

5. Never Give up. Winston Churchill when addressing a group of students after London endured 57 consecutive bombings by the Germans in World War II, he told the students, “never, ever, ever, give up”. Same applies to you don’t give up on your dreams, or goals always find motivation to steer you ahead to achieving your goals

When things become hard, sit down and reflect on where you went wrong and why you wrote your goals in the first place. Reflection will help in bringing clarity to your thoughts.

Being motivated is all up to you. Keeping in mind your goal and breaking larger results into smaller manageable steps will keep you focused, consistent and result oriented.

So, go ahead and do it!

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