Crack GATE 2018 with These Smart Tricks

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Planning is a crucial part of the preparation for any competitive exam. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is conducted to test how good an engineer you are. Cracking GATE gives you a feeling of crossing the biggest gate of your success. Success comes with hard work and persistent efforts. There is no magic bullet or an ideal strategy for any competitive exam, including GATE 2018. As long as you are focused, have an exam-based study plan, covering all the topics, any strategy will get you success.

Tips to prepare for GATE 2018:

  1. Check the GATE syllabus and exam pattern and devote your initial 2-3 months in understanding the concepts. Mugging up won’t be helpful here, so give time and understand the concepts.
  2. Now you are good with concepts, start solving problems that are based on what you have studied so far. Practice questions from previous papers to test your knowledge. Practice, practice and practice some more.
  3. Make short notes and formula sheets for quick revision. Practice questions daily and revise the concepts.
  4. Now is the right time to start taking the mock tests. Mock tests are the best way to track your progress. Appear, analyse and work on the areas you score less.
  5. By now you should be able to identify your strength and weakness. So when you appear for the real exam, make sure to attempt more questions from your strength zone and less from the weak zone. Doing this will reduce chances of negative marking.

Do’s and Don’ts for Exam

  1. Start with sections you are strong at. Starting with weak zone will consume a lot of time. The ideal strategy should be to move from Strong to weak zone questions.
  2. Do not answer questions if you are not sure about the answer. Even a single negative marking can make a difference in results.
  3. Aptitude is considered as the easiest section, so start with it this will boost your confidence level. Mostly in competitive exams, the questions on the first page are tough, and the easy once are place at the mid or end sections. So keep leaving the questions you don’t know. Solve those that you know and then come back to the difficult ones.

Go fresh, go confident. All the best!

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