Career options for physically disabled


There is a popular saying by Martina Navratilova;” disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you’re needed by someone”. Yes, these days there are many job options for people who are physically disabled. So, if you are physically disabled, first of all, you should choose your area of expertise, the type of job you want, then try for the position you can get. So here we have narrowed down some of the career options that can be suitable for you.

Self-employment- The first and foremost job option can be to start your own business, these days the most popular profession is working as a freelancer. While being a freelancer you can work at home, some other professions where you can work from home are, tuition, writing, web designing, accounting, etc.

Government jobs- Government have started recruitment drive for physically disabled, there is vacancy in all segments like, railways, banks, teaching, oil corporation, IBPS, etc. Government jobs provide you with job security, plus, they also provide you additional benefits like, bonus, travelling expense, child care, education, etc.

Customer service representative– The jobs at call centers only require talking over the telephone, so if you are visually impaired, or on a wheelchair, and you have good interactive skills then a job at a call center as a customer service representative would suite you.

Teaching- If you are good on a particular subject and want to pursue a job in teaching. Nowadays many schools provide job openings for physically disabled, and there are websites where you can register yourselves in giving home tuitions. You can even promote your home tuitions through social networking websites. Or you can start your own website.

Writer- If you have good writing skills, you can either pursue a career as a freelancer, else you can get a job as a writer. Writing requires having a good imagination, and if you have these skills, then a career in writing is the best option for you.

Accountant- A job as an accountant only requires you to know about finance, as an accountant you will have to examine the financial records of companies. As a career in accountancy, you can either start your firm, or you can work for a single company as their in-house accountant.

Management consultant- These days organizations have started recruiting physically disabled for management and human resources. So, if you have the appropriate education in the field of management, then it is a great option to get a job in this field. While being an individual management consultant you can help newly formed startups to face the problems, which occur during business, and you can guide them a better way to grow fast.

Software development– one of the most popular jobs in technical department is as a software developer. These days IT professionals and huge IT companies are appointing people with physical disability as a software developer if they are great in their skill.

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