Best Part-Time Jobs For Regular Students In India

best part time jobs for students in india

Free-time for full-time students can be scarce! Majority of the day’s hours are consumed in attending class, or assignments. But as students, chances are that, you may run out of cash, or if not, you’d at least like to have a little more. The good news is, when expenses heap rather quickly, a part-time job is a good way to balance costs. It also helps you to have enough to save, while waiting to earn your degree. Doing part-time jobs will help you to ensure some more periods for both academics and extracurricular activity. In this article, some awesome part-time job opportunities are shared that will help you earn cash without hampering your academic lifestyle.

1. Office Assistant
Some of the departments on your campus and even outside the campus need an assistant who will handle responsibilities such as answering phones, managing files, and scheduling appointments. Although this might not be the job you like, but the working skills you will cultivate here will become a great ability to you while completing your college life and finally launch your career.

2. Freelance Writer
Thanks to the ease of being able to work from home, freelance writing is one of the best Part time jobs for regular college students who have command in English Language and a passion for writing. There is a huge demand of freelance writers in IT companies, publishing houses, and even for academic research niches. You can even do some write-ups for your friends or the editorial board of college to earn some bucks.

3. Photography
Yes photography! Never thought of this right? But you can get a flexible part-time job with a good camera. You can capture some captivating moments for your college’s magazine, journals, or for others in your free time to earn some bucks.

4. Teaching Assistant
Upper class students can work part-time as teaching assistants for a large under-class students by conducting seminar classes for kids who need extra assistance in academics. It will be a great experience for you to teach different subjects to lower grade students. You can just choose one of your favorite subjects and start teaching kids after your college timings. Also, ask mentor or professors you’ve had in the past to get to know any such openings under them and also check internet or newspapers to get to find parents looking for home tutor for their kids. These will eventually fetch you well, because these days, people get paid per hour.

5. Retail Job
You can start working at retail outlets or eating outlets like McDonalds and KFC. You will enjoy working at such outlets, because it will help fetch a lot of money. It will also gives you an opportunity to learn cooking skills. You can work during evenings, college holidays or weekends. You may have to cut-off some part of social life to replace the working hours.

6. Fitness instructor
A fitness enthusiast often loves to grasp every bit of fitness technique. If you are a fitness freak, you can take up a part time job at one of the fitness centres as a fitness instructor, to coach people at your free time. Working as a fitness instructor will give you good feeling of getting in a healthy schedule, and will also make you feel great that you helped others in getting fit and finally it feeds your pocket with some hard earned cash!

7. Tour Guide
This is for the extroverts! If you are a friendly and an outgoing person, and have good knowledge about your city, you can choose to work part time as a tour guide. The insights given by you will impress the travelers and give them an excited experience and it could be a great fun for you as well.

8. Sales Representative for Companies
For those with high level of influential skills, you can consider becoming a sales representative for companies. It can be any type of business, a manufacturing or even a service company. This type of job will allow you to work from the comfort of your home by putting in a little time and effort. Apart from the cash in-flows, it gives you the opportunities to work for these companies permanently after completing your college.

9. Babysitting
One could make a handsome amount by working as a babysitter. If you have some free days of the week, you could use them to babysit kids whose parents are at work. During your baby sitting times you can try out tutoring kids, playing fun games with them, and watch some animation movies with them in order to kill boredom. You can also take your college material along with you to catch up on college life, mostly in your free time. However before taking this job, you have to make sure that you have love for kids.

10. Working at College Cafeteria
Your college’s cafeteria or restaurants, or off campus centers give students the opportunity to take up part-time jobs. You can talk to your employer to get a appropriate working hours for you. With great customer service skills, you will be able to earn extra tips from your happy customers.

If you are a full-time-student in India and you are pondering how to make life comfortable on campus, you may choose any of the part-time-jobs listed above to earn your pocket money.

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