Best Answers to: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?


Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years? Whenever you go for an interview this de jour question about your future eventually props-up and most of the times your answer does not satisfy the interviewers. The reason behind this is that it becomes quite difficult for an individual to enunciate an answer about how and where does he see himself after next five years in his professional life when the only thing darting in his mind at that particular time is that how are the next 24 hours of his professional life going to be like. The rationale behind this question being asked in every interview is that the hiring managers want to check whether or not you are looking to have a long tenure with the company and does your career plan stands in alignment with company’s interests or not. Here are some dos and don’ts which one should keep in mind while answering such questions.

Firstly, showcase your interest for this job.

Although you have shown your willingness by applying for the job but talking about it again would highlight the fact that you really are interested in the job being offered and not doing it merely for monetary benefits. Adding to it in your first part itself, tell how you plan to meet out the expectations of the company. This would show that you are interested in being with the company for a long-term.

Be vague and general.

For most interview questions it is suggested to be specific but for this exceptional question, one should prefer to be vague and fuzzy. Because by being vague one could easily get away with such questions without being dishonest. For example, if you are sitting for an interview in a corporate law firm and to the answer to this question you tell specifically that you wish to be a great litigator then you would end up harming your chances. So it’s preferable to be general.

Prefer being realistic.

Do your homework properly and be well researched about how people have spanned and grown after starting from the post you are applying. This would save you from randomly making up anything like “I see myself as a junior partner in the firm after 5 years” and make you end up losing the job let alone the ambition of being a partner.

Don’t try to be funny.

When you are asked this question one is at least expected to give a serious answer so if you at all try to be funny while answering such questions you would definitely end up raising some red flags.

An Example :

“ I am very excited at the thought of working in a company like this. I am the type of person who wants to keep himself busy and working and so would engross myself with  projects as soon as I join and over the next five years would ensure that I grow professionally, and by the end of this period mentor new joiners as their quartermaster.”

Such an answer could be perfect and you can prepare your version of it but don’t try to memorize it.

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