Basic parts of a computer

Basic Parts of a Computer
Basic Parts of a Computer

The world is at the threshold of complete digital age thereby making a computer in every home a basic necessity. Many of use this amazing metal box but have no idea what is present inside it. Don’t worry I’m here to acquaint you with the basic parts of a computer that each play a crucial role in its working

  • Computer case:
    Every computer contains a plastic and metal box known as computer case that contains internal parts such as central processing unit (CPU), power supply and motherboard. These parts are necessary for the working of a computer. The front of this case contains the on/off button and optical drives for USBs etc. There are a variety of computer cases available and the advancing technology has introduced All-in-one computer that has all the internal parts of the computer case in the monitor itself.
  • Monitor:
    Monitor is a screen that displays images, texts etc. and it works with a video card that is situated inside the computer case. Usually the monitor contains on/off button and the advancing technology has introduced monitors with different displays like LED (light-emitting diode) and LCD (liquid crystal display). Before these monitors were quite boxy looking but now you can get flat screen monitors that make the whole display more appealing.
  • The Keyboard:
    One of the main ways to communicate with a computer is a keyboard as the keyboard contains different keys to accomplish various tasks. A few of the tasks are typing letters, numbers, deleting files, moving the screen up or down or sideways, Enter command etc. The improving technology has come up with touch keyboards where the keys are touch sensitive thereby eliminating the tasks of clicking the keys.
  • The Mouse:
    The mouse is like a navigator for the computer screen and is an important tool for communicating with the computer. It helps in moving, selecting and pointing to texts, images as well as files in the computer (you can see the pointer move on the screen). There are mainly two types of mouse, the mechanical mouse that detects movement with the help of a rolling ball that needs regular cleaning to work properly and the other type is the optical mouse that detects movement with the help of an electronic eye therefore is very easy to clean. The mouse can be substituted with a trackball or a touchpad which are both very easy to use.

These are just the basic parts of a computer and if you look into, a computer is a much more complicated machine, but at least you have started your knowledge with the basic.

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