Air Sewa Website and App: Making Air Travel Hassle Free


Air travel maybe the fastest means of travel but the waiting, early reaching etc. make this form of travel quite tedious and hassle filled as issues like delayed flights, cancelled flight, missing luggage etc. take place. But on 25th November 2016 an app and a portal known as Air Sewa was released by Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation.

Features of the Air Sewa Website and App

  • Air Sewa website and app allows the user to track flight, register complaints or grievances, flight status, airport information and grievances handling with back-office operation therefore making air travel hassle and stress free.
  • The user can register his/ her grievance by sending a video or voice message attached with the description of the issue you are facing.
  • After registering the complaint the user will get a unique reference number, either by mail or via SMS, which they can use to track the progress and status of their complaint thereby reassuring them that action is being taken.
  • To make the addressing of complaints more quick and time bound all stakeholder agencies will appoint selected nodal officers.
  • After the complaint has been completely resolved the user gets to rate the service and to make the wait more easy a timeline is also given in the email or SMS by the appointed nodal officer.
  • Other than addressing your grievances this easy to use app and website also allows the user to get information about flight schedule, flight status, or any other particular flight information by just keying in the respective flight number.
  • Air Sewa website and app also provides basic airport information like delay flight, weather, Wi-Fi service, airport’s contact information and about various other flight as well airport information thereby allowing you to plan your whole trip accordingly.

The services offered by the AirSewa app and website looks very useful in making air passenger travel fun. Using this website or app (based on your preferences) could make your flight experience more enjoyable and hassle free.

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