8 Best Jobs for 12th Pass Students in 2016

12th pass job

Class 12th is an important class in India. The reason being, it is a class considered by universities, companies, governmental and non-governmental organizations as an engine to a better career.

But, one can choose not to proceed with further studies and enter into employment with a class 12th degree. Reasons to this decision can be due to lack of school fees, family issues or by choice.

Jobs available for 12th Pass Candidates.

Today there is hope for the 12th pass students. Have a look at 8 job opportunities for 12th Pass students in India.

1.  Business Process Outsourcing. This kind of business involves contracting operations, and responsibility of a business to a third party service provider.

For instance, back office outsourcing which hires human resources, financial services, accounting and front office services Business Process Outsourcing help increase a company’s flexibility and reduces transaction cost.

Examples of Business Processes Outsourcing in India include data entry, call centre services, healthcare BPO and software development.

Benefits of BPO job.

  • Eligibility is class 12th
  • You get paid while on training
  • You will learn different skills
  • You can work in shifts

2. Merchant Navy.  Merchant Navy in India employs a huge number of people, to carry cargo all over the world. The Merchant Navy plays a crucial role in import and export business by moving cargo from one destination to the other.

Benefits of working with Merchant Navy

  • You get to visit new and exotic places in the world
  • Merchant Navy have courses you can pursue and advance your career in the Navy
  • Employees class 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics
  • Training is done before initial start of work

Like any other form of employment, working with Merchant Navy can be challenging. You are to be on the ship for long hours, and days.

3. Primary School Teacher. Is your desire and ambition is to nature and teach primary school children? Well, being a teacher is the best-fit job for you. The pay may not be hand good in private schools, but your contribution to the children performance will be a great honor.

Benefits of Teaching

  • You can further your studies as you work
  • You can impact knowledge to school going children

4. Data Entry Jobs. Many private companies have vacant positions for data clerks. Skill needed for this kind of job is good typing speed, basic knowledge of spreadsheets and word processing.

The beauty of this job is, you will learn as you work. Data entry jobs need one to be accurate.

Benefits of Data entry job

  • You will learn more skills on the job.
  • You will become good in typing

5. Freelancer writer, transcriber or blogger. Freelancer is one of the best jobs one can do.  It involves working from home or an environment of your choice. You can choose to be a writer, blogger or transcribe files into word.

This job requires you to have a laptop and reliable internet. You outsource work through online.

Benefits of Freelancing, Blogging and transcribing

  • You work from home or suitable environment of your choice.
  • You work on your on schedule

6. Police Force Jobs. The police force department have jobs yearly. Some jobs can be temporary or permanent. All you need is your 12th class certificate and be perfectly fit.

Benefits of Police Jobs

  • Salary is satisfactory
  • There is career advance in the police force.

7. Marketer. Every firm what to promote their product into the market.  You will need to be appealing and convince the consumer to buy/sale a product. You will learn more on marketing as you work.

Benefits of Working as a Marketer

  • You build a good network
  • You gain good understanding of consumer needs
  • Growth opportunities

8. Event Organizer. As an event organizer, you will plan functions like a wedding, corporate events, training, parties, and promotions for companies. You will need to be an efficient and effective planner. You will need mentorship in this field.

Benefits if working as an Event Organizer

  • Personality development
  • You improve your communication
  • You build a strong business network

Bottom Line
Choose a career choice that you will enjoy and thrive in. As you enter into the work field, have time to advance your studies and get several gates of opportunities in the job industry. Cheers!

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