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Science is present everywhere and in most of the action or incidents. It has a declared as a compulsory subject till 10th standard that having the basic knowledge of science is must for students.Science develops the curiosity in the students. In fact, science is one of the most interesting subjects but still, many students are not comfortable with it. It happens because of the non-innovative teaching method.

Teachers usually teach science to the students without any real life examples. So the students lose their interest in science and just want to gulp up everything to score good grades.

Teaching science with the real-life examples is the best way to make the science interesting. Here we have mentioned a few real-life examples that will help you to understand the science better.

So here we have some real-life examples to give you a particle understanding of the science.

  • If by chance you drop a glass on the floor, it breaks into many parts. But when a glass made of the material is dropped on the floor it doesn’t break. Do you know why? Because the atoms of glass are loosely packed and randomly arranged so when a glass hit the floor the connection of the atoms gets interrupted and broke up into small pieces. On the other side when a glass made of metal hit the floor it’s atoms rearrange themselves quickly to retain its previous structure and the glass remained the same


  • If I say that a powerful drill machine can set your house on fire will you believe? Maybe But this can be possible because of friction. When electricity runs through a drill machine and it starts making a hole in a wooden wall then heat generates. The drilling machine generates heat because of the friction. Now, if a common power drill uses 750 watts of electricity, and produces 750 joules of energy then this energy can burn a wooden wall only in 4 minutes.


  • Suppose you are walking on the road and suddenly you step on the banana’s peal then what will happen? Most probably, you will lose your balance and fell down. Have you ever thought that why it happens? Well, it happens because banana peel reduces the friction between your feet and the floor and because of less or no friction, you fell down.


  • Have you ever thought that why do you feel hot in the crowd? It happens because of the body heat of humans. Don’t misunderstand this body heat with exhaled carbon dioxide.


  • While cleaning the house we use water. But why only water? Why can any other liquid be used as a cleaner? So here is the answer to your query. Water is made of 2 hydrogen and 1 oxygen atom. The hydrogen and oxygen atoms have different charged ion their different sides so they work as a magnet. So the water molecules get stuck strongly and take the dirt with it. That’s why water behaves as a strong cleaner.


  • You all must have heard about the story of falling apple and invention of gravity force. The gravity keeps us attached to the earth. But why a balloon filled up helium go up in the sky? It happens because the helium gas is lighter than the air and less gravity applies on lighter

Here we have mentioned a few real-life examples of science. You too think about few actions and ask yourself why it happens? Share your curiosity with us and we will try to give the reason to your ‘WHY’.

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