Two mobile applications, m-parivahan and e-challan, launched by the Union Ministry of Road Transport & Highways

Apps Launched by Indian Government

m-parivahan and e-challan mobile applications have been launched by the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, as a comprehensive digital solution for traffic rules enforcement. Both the apps will also facilitate Delhi Government’s Good Samaritans Policy, through technology.

These two mobile applications have been launched to enable citizens of the country to report any road accident or traffic violation.

m-parivahan App:

  1. This citizen-focused app will provide access to several transport-related services.
  2. It will bring transparency in the system and convenience to citizens
  3. The app will empower citizens by giving access to transport sector-related information, services, and utilities.
  4. Using back-end connection, the app will provide virtual driving licence, and registration certificates to the transport national register.
  5. It gives full information of a vehicle and its owner, including the owner’s registration certificate and driving licence, when the number of a vehicle is entered into the app.
  6. The app helps check genuineness of ownership of the vehicle and information of the driver.
  7. The app is a great step towards the safety of passenger, when buying a used vehicle or when hiring a driver.

e-challan App

  1. The app has been launched to help the India Traffic Police and Transport Enforcement Wing in managing traffic violations through back-end web application and mobile app.
  2. The app is expected to improve transparency of the system, as it connects all stakeholders via common system and also ensures data integrity.
  3. The app will also enable effective monitoring and ease operations by digitization of the records.
  4. It will boost the visibility of offenders, thus will lead to better management of traffic.

Both the apps, e-challan and m-parivahan have common functionalities like reporting of traffic violation and road accident by citizen, and virtual, enforceable driving licence and registration certificate etc.


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