Swachh Bharat App Launched: All You Need To Know


Swachh Bharat App has been launched by Indian Culture Minister Mahesh Sharma at the National Museum in New Delhi. Vistors will be able to report any waste/garbage on the ASI monuments’ premises across the nation.

The government has already equipped almost 30 galleries in the National Museum, Delhi with a device which will connect to the app using the intranet.

Swachh Bharat App: Key Facts

  1. The app service will be rolled out across the nation, in almost 116 monuments under the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).
  2. The devices that are installed in the ASI monuments will connect to the Swachh Bharat App using intranet.
  3. The devices installed will have a range of about 30 metres. Using app the monument visitors would be able to report the culture ministry about any garbage or litter present on the premises of the monuments.
  4. Swachh Bharat App will work on Android mobile phones, it is not yet available for iOS. Visitors entering the monument premises, when connected to Bluetooth, the app will convey information related to Swachh Bharat to the visitors and will ask visitors to report any garbage around the monuments.
  5. If the visitors does not have App installed on their phones, they will received a message from Google about the app, along with a link to install it on their handsets.
  6. The Indian Ministry of Culture will monitor the app and the issues reported by the visitors. The app is expected encourage people to report dirty premises of the ASI monuments and is also an action to promote cleanliness in the ASI monuments’ premises.

How The App Works:

  1. Visitors will open the App and will take pictures of the waste/ garbage dump.
  2. They will upload the picture on the Swachh Bharat National Server, along with its geo-location, time and date of upload.
  3. The image will be processed by the National server, and will also grade the garbage as Red (Urgent Action), Yellow (Noticeable) or Green (Clean).
  4. The National Server will also place a “Tag” of green, yellow, or red on the Google Map (or on ISRO’s BHUWAN) at that particular geo-location.

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