Survey of India’s (SOI) web portal “Nakshe”

Survey of India

Web portal “Nakshe” has been launched by the Survey of India (SOI) to make open series maps freely available for Indians. The web portal was launched by Harsh Vardhan, Indian Union Minister for Science & Technology and Earth Sciences, to mark the 250th anniversary of the Survey of India.

Brief Information about Survey of India (SOI)

Survey of India is India’s main mapping agency that works under the Department of Science & Technology. It is one of the oldest survey establishments across the globe, and its origin dates back to 1767, making it country’s oldest scientific department. The establishment prepares maps for civilian and defence purposes, which are also considered as a standard reference for the extent, shape, and geographic features of the nation.

SOI is an old organization and has surveyed and mapped nation’s each and every part. The SOI maps have played a valuable role in building of the nation and has contributed to modern India’s all key developmental activities.

Web portal Nakshe: Key Features

  1. The portal makes 3,000 Topographic maps available for a free download to Indians or provides free download of PDF Open Series Maps (OSM) on a scale of 1:50,000 through a mandatory Aaadhar-based user authentication.
  2. SOI maps are created for India’s development activities. The maps can also be used for planning scientific expeditions, and research & planning development projects.
  3. Topographic maps or Open Series Maps comprise both man-made and natural geographical features, which include topography or terrain.

With the help of SOI, entire data of East India Company and the region was mapped, which included measurement of sea level, which is still the reference point for many east and south Asian countries.

The Government of India has launched the Nakshe Portal for encouraging Digital India. Now it’s easy to download Indian topographic maps freely available on the Nakshe web portal. Aadhar-based user authentication is mandatory to use maps free and get information about the maps.

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